Sneak Peak! Exuviance HA100 Micro-Filler – Pro-Intesive Treatment for Deep Lines

I'm so honored to be sponsored by Exuviance to share with you the exciting launch of Exuviance HA100 Micro-Filler - Pro-Intesive Treatment for Deep Lines! I’m seriously bursting with all of the good feels over this treatment. It’s a major game changer in my skincare routine and is the perfect product to share with you... Continue Reading →

Looking My Best With MD Complete Skincare

If you're looking for an anti-aging skin line that has excellent ingredients, is dermatologist developed and tested and that gives real results, let me introduce you to M.D. Complete skin care.  I am honored to have partnered with them for this post.  I received these products for free for testing purposes. All of the opinions... Continue Reading →

Volcanic Secrets From Within – DIY Bentonite Clay Mask

As we live our lives, we come in contact with a ton of toxins, which are in every day products like paint, markers, unpurified water, pesticides, cleaning supplies, health and beauty products and more!  We breathe in toxins from vehicle exhaust, and can even be eating and drinking toxins from processed foods!  That's a scary... Continue Reading →

Get healthy hair, skin & nails from the inside out!

If you’re concerned about the effects of aging on your appearance, pay attention.  Collagen is an essential skin nutrients that slowly fade away as we age.  Diminished collagen levels in the body can lead to loss of elasticity in the skin, thinning hair, and brittle nails. Thankfully, we can replenish these not only by feeding our skin from the... Continue Reading →

NeoStrata SKIN ACTIVE Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum

I am honored to partner with Neostrata to be able to review the NeoStrata SKIN ACTIVE Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum for free in exchange for my honest review. Allow me introduce you to this brand.  NeoStrata has an international reputation for developing the very best in antiaging skin care. Founders Dr. Eugene van Scott and Dr. Ruey Yu... Continue Reading →

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