Holiday Party Wear

HOLIDAY PARTY WEAR Great skin is always a must for any party. So this season pay attention to your skin before the day of the party, and slip into something oily. That’s right; you can put your sexy on after you oil up your skin! We tend to forget about what we don’t see, and... Continue Reading →

Tips for using a facial oil

TIPS FOR USING A FACIAL OIL Facial oils are a great way to moisturize and get nutrients into your skin. The best facial oils consist of a combination of higher molecular weight oils, which are more protective and create a barrier on the skin, and lower molecular weight oils, which are small enough to penetrate... Continue Reading →

Loopy for Luscious Lips!

Love our lip balms? Save 41% with a case of 12! Your lips will be super kissable & luscious!  Give the gift of silky lips!  And these lip balms are certified organic, vegan, gluten free & amazing!  If you order $100 or more through this link, you'll be entered to win some more FREE Pangea! And... Continue Reading →

Winter Skin Care: Face

Winter Skin Care: Face As we prepare for the holiday season and ready ourselves for winter storms, we might need a little help. With our skin, that is. Chapped lips and dry, dull skin abound at this time of year. Lucky for us, regular exfoliation and moisturizing oils will do the trick.  Want to turn heads... Continue Reading →

Need Balance?

LIFE. BEAUTY. BALANCE Harmony. Zen. Nirvana. Enlightenment. Call it what you will, we all strive for balance in our lives. Why should our delicate skin be any different? Living life to our best requires nurturing our balance. So nurture your skin as well. BALANCING OIL FROM $60 >    

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