One Theory for People and Planet Unboxing and GIVEAWAY!

@onetheorylife #gifted​ me their complete skincare line, & I love it! Watch me open the box of goodies you can win The ingredients are great & my skin looks amazing!! 🌟 Morning Beat™ Vitamin C Serum has powerfully-stable Vitamin C (MAP) to reveal brighter, smoother! It goes on smoothly & has my skin glowing!... Continue Reading →

Top 4 Ways to Take Care of Your Dry Winter Lips

In the colder months, keeping your skin healthy can sometimes be a major challenge, but that's even more true for the delicate skin on your lips. Companies have poured millions into the quick lip care industry, but these methods tend to be band-aids over a larger problem at large. Research has shown that natural methods... Continue Reading →

Blue Lagoon Rejuvenating Day Cream with SPF 15

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland, a wonder of the world, has geothermal seawater that flows from volcanic aquifers 2000 meters within the earth, emerging at the surface enriched with algae, silica, and minerals. It's these natural and unique Blue Lagoon active ingredients that Blue Lagoon Skincare harvests by way of a zero-waste process, adhering to... Continue Reading →

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