Free $50 from YouGov

Take a look at the offer being promoted by YouGov. YouGov is one of the highest rated panels that are currently accepting new members. They are offering up $50 free just for sharing your opinion. You can get either a visa gift card, Amazon gift card or they can send it to you via PayPal.... Continue Reading →

Want real-time crime and safety alerts in your area?

Join Neighbors Criminals target neighborhoods, not individual homes. But with real-time crime and safety alerts from your neighbors, you'll stay one step ahead of crime. The Neighbors App is the new neighborhood watch that brings your community together to help create safer neighborhoods. With real-time crime and safety alerts from your neighbors, law enforcement and... Continue Reading →

Check out this text I received!

Mon, Oct 1  💪 Even if you haven’t felt strong lately, Maritza, you’re powerful. To prove it, tap your *sisu* in the face of a tough moment today. How the Finnish Concept of 'Sisu' Can Help You Through Tough Times Tell me more ➡️ In Finland, "sisu" is a way of life. Roughly translated, it means... Continue Reading →

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