Why I Became a Beauty Ecologist

I originally discovered Pangea Organics when I was looking for cruelty-free skincare products, since I am a Vanguard member of PETA and was starting to incorporate more and more vegan products into my life. I later realized there were more features than just being cruelty-free that I desired in a skincare product. Taking care of my skin has always been important, but since my dermatologist removed some pre-cancerous lesions from my body, I did more research on skincare, and I realized that I also desired to work with a company that used sustainable & fair trade business and agricultural practices, gave back to the community, had excellent customer service and whose products were vegan, gluten-free, non-toxic, non GMO, made in the USA, certified organic, and that benefited my skin in a real and noticeable way. I fell in love with Pangea Organics products and couldn’t wait to share my enthusiasm with everyone I knew.

As a family physician, I teach people how to lead healthy lives and how to incorporate healthy habits into their daily routines. I also help them find healthy solutions for any health problems they may have. It wasn’t until Pangea Organics came into my life about 6 years ago that I realized that being healthy also involves being conscious of what one puts onto his or her skin. Now when I see a patient and counsel them on prevention and health maintenance, I am able to confidently explain to them that since their skin is their biggest organ & it can absorb up to 80% of the chemicals that you put onto it, it only makes sense to include healthy choices about skincare products into their healthy lifestyle regimen. When they ask me which skincare line I recommend, I don’t hesitate to share with them my love for Pangea Organics.

Helping others has always been a passion of mine. I’ve been involved in community service and volunteering since I was 10 years old. The causes I support include (but are not limited to) health, education, multiculturalism, women’s equity, animal welfare, the arts & environmentalism. I continue to support & be involved in many community service organizations, including the SPCA, PETA, Make A Wish Foundation, Kaleida Health Foundation, John R Oshei Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, Lambda Psi Delta Sorority Inc, Enterprise Charter School (as a Board of Trustees Member), Buffalo Prep, Buffalo Public School #33, University at Buffalo Mentor Program, The Nichols School, Yelp (as an Elite Member), Shea’s Theatre Foundation, Buffalo Sabres Green Team, and many more! I volunteer my time online to answer patient health questions (on HealthTap.com/DrBaez) and I was honored to be ranked #1 in the USA for my skincare advice & having helped millions of people achieve healthy choices. As a Beauty Ecologist, not only do I get to share my love for Pangea products with friends & family, which I have always done, but I get to enjoy my favorite products at a discount while I help others all over the country have healthy skincare routines.

I am honored to be a Founding Lead Independent Beauty Ecologist!


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