I got tagged in #TheBestOfSkincare by my friend Laura Bruj and so here is my post.  This is only a sample of my favorite skincare products and by no means is it exhaustive.  So if I leave anything out, it's nothing personal, I just wanted to choose 1 item from each brand. I made a... Continue Reading →

Vegan Chik’n Stir fry

I've always loved a good stir fry meal.  It's quick & easy and usually packed with tons of veggies & antioxidants.  This recipe is full of just that and the taste is reminiscent of an Thai noodle bowl.  Try it out & let me know what you think! Ingredients 1 pack Gardein Seven Grain Crispy... Continue Reading →

Look! I’m on the news!

A couple of weeks ago, while at work seeing patients, one of the Communications Managers came to my office and asked if I would do a quick interview for Time Warner Cable News regarding colds and flus.  The camera and crew would arrive an about an hour. It had been a while since I had... Continue Reading →

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