Activa Naturals Magnesium Citrate Powder

I'm all about trying natural supplements, and have touted the benefits of Magnesium, so I thought I'd try Activa Naturals magnesium Citrate Powder.  I've tried magnesium Citrate that is premade in bottles, and I did not like those formulations, but this product was easy to mix and actually tasted fairly good. This Magnesium Citrate Powder... Continue Reading →

My Olay Experience

0I frequently shop at Walmart because they have great deals and a price match. If you download the Wal-Mart app, you scan in your receipt and it checks for lower prices from other stores in your area. If another store sold what you bought for a lower price,  Wal-Mart gives you the difference! One day... Continue Reading →

What’s in your Deodorant?

In case you missed it, most conventional deodorants contain aluminum, but aluminum has been associated with a variety of health issues, including: Breast Cancer Alzheimer’s Disease Bone Disorders Kidney Problems Aluminum-free deodorants should consist of essential oils and all natural ingredients. Aluminum free alone may not be enough as some aluminum-free deodorants are still high... Continue Reading →

Zoganic Fruitzip Herbal Coconut Supplement Drink Mix

  Zoganic Herbal Coconut Supplement Drink Mix As a family physician a counsel my patients and families that exercise is an essential part of over all Wellness. I love to exercise. I change up my routine to include aerobics, endurance, flexibility, strength, balance and coordination. Hydration is another essential for Wellness. This is especially important... Continue Reading →

Argan Oil Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

I have thick long way/curly hair, and I need products that will keep it strong, healthy and smooth.  Shiny Leaf premium Argan Oil anti hair Loss Shampoo lived up to my expectations. It is absolutely normal to lose forty to one hundred strands of hair every single day. What isn’t natural is finding clumps of hair in your... Continue Reading →

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