LEOKIS Cat Litter Mat Review

Yes, I'm a CatMom.  I have 3 beautiful fur babies, and I love trying out quality products that make them happy, healthy and cute.  I was able to test out the Leokis Cat Litter Mat at a discount, and we loved it! As a CatMom, I want what's best for my fur babies.  As a... Continue Reading →

Bonapiel Beauty & Youth Serum

I tried out Bonapiel Beauty & Youth Serum, a weightless serum that turns tired, dull skin into healthy-looking skin. It contains deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid to restore moisture and improve elasticity. First, let’s talk about Hyaluronic Acid and why it’s important when we talk about skincare.  As the skin is exposed to UV rays (sun damage)... Continue Reading →

Getting a Grip on my Hair with Kenra

I love all things beauty, and I've recently started paying extra attention to my hair. I've been growing my hair out and trying new hairstyles. I've tried various hair styling products over the years, and none of them come close to the versatility of Kenra Grip products, which you can get at Ulta, by the... Continue Reading →

Neocell – Your anti-aging skin secret

If you're concerned about the effects of aging on your appearance, pay attention.  Ceramides and collagen are essential skin nutrients that slowly fade away as we age.  Thankfully, we can replenish these not only by feeding our skin from the outside in (serums, creams, etc), but from the inside out too (nutricosmetic).  NeoCell has been developing and manufacturing all... Continue Reading →

NeoStrata Bionic Face Serum

If you're looking for advanced skincare products, backed by research and recommended by Dermatologists that help with the issue of collagen loss in the skin, try NeoStrata Bionic Face serum.  This concentrated daily-use serum with Vitamins A, C and E provides intense moisturization and restores skin radiance  by reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pore size,... Continue Reading →

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