Top 3 Tips that Help You Stress Less and Sleep Better

Going to bed stressed will not help you fall asleep. If anything, stress leads to insomnia and a terrible night's sleep. Doing everything you can to reduce or eliminate stress before bed can make a big difference. Activities like keeping a journal before bed and a bedtime routine can help, but there are other ways... Continue Reading →

3 Easy Steps to Use Meditation to Overcome Stress and Fall Asleep Faster

Meditation is an ancient practice that uses mindfulness to center thoughts, reduce stress and calm the mind. Meditation emphasizes focus and self-awareness to clear the mind of stress. Meditating before bed can help prepare the mind and body for sleep and control stressful thoughts. If you have no prior experience with meditation, it may seem... Continue Reading →

Top 4 Reasons why Journaling Relieves Stress at Bedtime

Stress comes from everywhere. Worry exists in all areas of life. Anger about work, family and obligations can become overwhelming. When everything is running through your mind without an outlet for the stress, it can be hard to sleep. When you need to rest, your mind is hyper-focused on stressful things, making it difficult to... Continue Reading →

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