The secret to silky smooth hands


Pure & exquisite, #PangeaOrganics #Chilean #Rosehip with #Tamanu & #RedClover #hand cream #heals, #restores & softens dry skin while helping hands retain a youthful appearance.  You can also use it as a #FootCream and #HairStyling Cream.

I’ve tried other #Natural hand creams of the same size that cost $18, $30 & $23, Pangea’s hand cream is not only the least expensive but works the best. It’s non-greasy and HEALS while being nontoxic to me, the earth, animals, my wallet, or harvest workers <3

store brands I've tried of the same size usually cost around $8 & you go through the tube in 1 month.  One tube of Pangea's hand cream lasts me 3 MONTHS!! No Joke!! So for $14 (breaks down to $4.67 a month), this is a STEAL!!  Stock up now at and I'll also mail you #FREESAMPLES of our facial mask, facial scrub, eye cream and balancing oil!!

#silkyhands #organic #freegiftwithpurchase

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