The truth about Palm oil


SO POWERFUL. Please check your #labels.. if you are consuming #palmoil in your food and/or skincare products and you also care about the #rainforest and all of the precious life it harbors, you may want to check the source of your ingredients. If anyone remembers that horrifying picture of the #orangutan lying bloodied in the fetal position that circulated the internet a while back, that was the result of #deforestation for palm oil. Pangea does have palm oil in a few products, but we source it through the #RainforestAlliance, an international nonprofit organization that focuses efforts on conserving #biodiversity through #sustainable farming.

Palm oil contains toctrienols, a member of the vitamin E family that is hard to come by. #VitaminE is a strong #antioxidant that helps our bodies fight free radicals that damage our skin. When used topically, toctrienols penetrate the skin and enable healing and protection. You can find palm oil in all of our bar soaps, and the bar soaps come in plantable packaging! It’s like a double whammy of awesomeness.. your dollars aren’t being used to destroy entire ecosystems, and you can also plant a #Colorado blue spruce tree!

Bottom line: Listen to your heart. Choose products that have sustainably grown palm oil. And every so often, let your inner orangutan out!

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