DIY Travel Wrap


Travel Wrap

A fantastic way to stay organized on your summer adventure is to make your own travel bag for all your grooming goodies. You can use a towel, some scrap fabric, a fun print from your local thrift store or even an old item of clothing that you would like to bring new life to. Instead of purchasing something  brand new, upcycle it! We recommend using a material that is thick and will have a little padding to protect your precious items. The size also ranges widely. You can use a small hand towel or something larger. In this tutorial, we used a pair of pajama bottoms. You will also need some ribbon, string, twine or something of that nature to tie your travel bag up and zip off on your adventure. Once you have your chosen material follow this easy tutorial:


Sewing machine (If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can do this project by hand as well.)

Sewing pins






Ribbon, string or twine


Step 1. Decide what purpose you want this bag to serve. Do you want it to hold all of your toiletries, or just the ones you travel with, or perhaps just your makeup brushes? This will determine how much space your travel bag will need to contain and thus what dimensions it is. Once you’ve made this call, gather all of your items and measure how wide each of them are. Add that width up. This number will be your rough estimate for the minimum width your material will need to be. If you know you have extra material to work with, we suggest adding a few extra inches or even doubling your width to account for any new products or items that you may want to add into the mix. It’s up to you!

Step 2. So now that we have the width of the travel bag, you need to know the height. To do this, look at all of your items and measure your tallest item. The height of your rectangle should be about triple the height of your tallest item.

Step 3. Cut your material into a workable rectangle. Perhaps double up my material for more padding. You may need to iron your material to achieve a perfect rectangle.

Step 4. Sew a zigzag stitch around the entire rectangle if you need to clean your sides up.

Step 5. Divide the rectangle into thirds hot dog style and then fold the bottom third up onto the middle third. This will create your pocket where your items will go. The top third will fold over the pocket so the items don’t fall out when it is wrapped up.

Step 6. Place all of your items on the folded up third to see how they’ll all fit and be spaced. Give a little extra room to items that will bulge out of their pockets more than the thinner items.

Step 7. Place pins connecting the middle and folded over bottom third at the midpoints between items.

Step 8. Remove items. Sew lines along the pin’s guidelines and removing the pins as you go. As you sew over the edge of the fold where the pocket entrances are, double back a few times to reinforce the stitch.

Step 9. Attach your ribbon the best way you see fit. We opted to cut a small hole in the seam, stick the halved ribbon in and then sew over it again.

Fold the top third down, roll it from left to right, tie a bow and you’re good to go!

Pangea_Travel Wrap

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