Are you ready to make some money while making a difference?

As you may know, I am an Independent Pangean (IP), also known as an Independent Pangea Business Owner, formerly known as a Beauty Ecologist. I have been an IP for over 2 years as well as a customer with Pangea for almost 10 years. I lead a National team of strong & successful IP’s, am ranked #1 in the USA for skincare, & am in this year’s Pangea catalog.
I’m passionate about CERTIFIED organic (30% MORE antioxidants than non-organic products).
I only want to expose myself, my family & friends to NONTOXIC ingredients (0-2 on the Skin Deep DataBase).
I support CRUELTY FREE (PETA approved) companies.
I value GLUTEN FREE products.
I support fair trade businesses.
I love the Rainforest Alliance (Pangea is a certified partner!)
Pangea has won over 54 awards internationally for EXCELLENCE & INNOVATION.
Pangea has EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE, with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee AT ANY TIME (no insane 30 day money back business, when we all know your skin can take 28 – 40 days to adjust to a new skincare regimen).  In fact our return rate is less than 0.007%.
I LOVE how the products make me look & feel!
I LOVE getting my Pangea products for free or at a discount!
If you feel the same way, I invite you to join me as an IP.
When someone joins our community and becomes an Independent Pangea Business Owner, they embark on an amazing journey of personal and professional growth. New IPs learn all of the essential elements of running a successful business by helping others look and feel healthy, beautiful, and empowered. With award winning products, effective business-building tools, and the support of the community, new IPs are able to achieve their goals, and realize their dreams doing something they love. When you become an IP, you’ll be embraced by a heart-felt community of people passionate about making a difference and committed to your success.

Community & Support

When you join our thriving national community of Independent Pangea Business Owners, you will join a family of individuals who want to see you live your highest potential, and will help you get there. Each of us was born with the ability to find our greatness, and our community serves as a guiding light to help get there. When one of us succeeds, we all succeed. I along with the IPs in your area and around the country will serve as mentors for you on your journey, leading by example. Throughout the year, our community comes together at multiple events to connect, train, celebrate, and grow together. In addition, the entire Pangea Home Office team is dedicated to helping each person succeed, and thrive in their business and in their life.


How much can I earn?As a new IP, you will receive a starting commission of 15%, which can grow to 35%. In addition, Pangea offers multiple opportunities to earn and receive bonuses. We know how dedicated IPs are and we want to ensure that that dedication is reflected in your earnings and compensation when you successfully reach each milestone of achievement.

In addition to the financial returns you’ll earn, you will also earn many invaluable experiences that will contribute to your overall growth. You will be supported by a thriving community of people who believe in you and your highest potential. You will earn the ability to create the lifestyle you desire, and the ability to impact others in a positive light aligned with your purpose. In short, you will not only earn money but you will also earn the life you’ve dreamed of.

What is a Happy Hour?Happy Hours are the heart of your Pangea business. They are your time to connect with others and share Pangea products with the people you know and care about. Happy Hours are informal, social events for the people you believe would benefit from experiencing Pangea’s products and learning more about who we are as a company. Pangea Happy Hours are your vehicle to bring about the change you’d like to see in your community, in your life, and in the world that we live in. Imagine helping other women discover their own beauty…You can do that by connecting with them through Happy Hours. Imagine helping individuals in your community become financially free…You can do that by connecting with them through Happy Hours.

Who can be an Independent Pangea Business Owner?Anyone and everyone, but more specifically: you! All you need to succeed is a willingness to take inspired action, and make a conscious effort to connect, learn, and grow. We provide you with all of the tools, resources, and support that you need to get started, as well as development opportunities to help you become the best you can be. The Direct Sales Industry is all about relationships and nurturing human potential. If you resonate with and strongly believe in the Direct Sales Industry, Pangea, our products as vehicles of self-love, health, and beauty, and Pangea’s mission to nurture the vitality of the world and it’s people, you will succeed.

What is the time commitment?Your success is based on the time and effort that you are willing to make to achieve your goals. The beauty of our business is that you can work as many or as few hours as you’d like depending on whether your goal is to earn a little additional income every month or embrace this business as a full-time pursuit. Either way, we are here to help you define your goals and provide a roadmap that will guide you to the level of success you desire.

Is there a minimum I need to sell to be an Independent Pangea Business Owner?In order to receive all the benefits of being an IP, including access to tools, resources, training, and support, we require each of our IPs to sell a minimum of $800 in retail products over the course of a 12-month period. This is a very achievable goal and most IPs will accomplish this in their first few months!

How is Pangea different from other Direct Sales companies?We are different in three very special ways:

  1. We are conscious of our impact on the world and thus, create our products in a manner that is the most beneficial for the customer, and most respectful to the planet.
  2. We know the exceptional value that everyone in our community embodies, and encourage all IPs to be true to themselves and speak from the heart. We will give you all of the knowledge, skills, and tools you’ll need, but recognize that it is your unique genius, and passion that will lead to your unique definition of success. Pangea is always authentic, and never scripted.
  3. We are committed to the more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible, and are actively working to make it a reality by nurturing, empowering, and inspiring every person within our community to live their full potential.

Check out this video I  made about this business opportunity


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