DIY Family Craft – Recycled Jack O’Lanterns


Materials you will need to make Cute & Spooky Glowing Jack 0’Lanterns:
–     5 glass jars of varying sizes
–     orange tissue paper
–     Mod Podge 
–     black paper
–     green paint

1.       Start by cutting the tissue paper into strips about 1.5 to 2 inches wide. Measure the height of your jars and cut the tissue paper strips to that size.
2.       Paint Mod Podge, a section at a time, onto the outside of the jar. Lay down a strip of paper and smooth it down w ell. Then, move onto the next section. Don’t worry if it’s a little wrinkly, it doesn’t show once it’s dry! TIP: overlap the strips of orange paper to make it look more like the texture of a pumpkin!
3.       Keep going till you get the jar covered. Then, work on cutting out the faces for them. You can check out these links to download templates of the faces as well: 
4.       Glue the faces on and paint the tops with some green paint. Then brush on a coat or two of Mod Podge – the glossy kind makes it look like the image is part of the jar. 
5.       Let them dry for 24 hours.
6.       Once the jars are dry, place them in a row and put a strand of white holiday lights equally in each jar and enjoy your fun Halloween decorations!   


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