How to make people faint when they shake your hand


It’s flu season and we’re in the midst of Holidays and parties, and none of us have the time to get sick. The easiest way to keep the germs at bay is by washing your hands frequently with antibacterial soap (and not touching your face). But those hand soaps with triclosan as its antibacterial agent are also known for drying out your skin and even causing contact dermatitis and eczema.  Alligator skin is THE LAST thing you want people to feel when you’re mingling at holiday parties & meeting new people.  Remember, your hands will tell your age when you don’t keep them healthy.
You want to be the one all the hotties are talking about at the party?  Well, make sure they aren’t talking about how your hands feel like a gorilla’s & also gave them the flu! Be THE ONE everyone is swooning for, making excuses to touch those silky, smooth, sexy hands!
Enter a lovely pair of products designed to keep your skin healthy which also happen to have very effective antibacterial and even antiviral properties to keep those nasty germs away.  Plus, the restorative properties of our certified organic essential oils soften and smooth rough, dry hands in all climates.
Pangea Organics foaming Hand Soaps all have a base of saponified oils (liquid soap) that have natural antiseptic qualities. And each scent has its own unique blend of essential oils that will help kill bacteria. The most effective of these is the Canadian Pine with White Sage Hand Soap. It contains essential oils of Canadian Fir Needle, White Sage Leaf, Clove Leaf and Lavendin (a hybrid of the lavender plant) all of which are heavy hitters in the antibacterial category and have been used for centuries to help keep germs away.
Partner those with the essential oils in Chilean Rosehip with Tamanu & Red Clover Hand Cream and you’re giving yourself more than a fighting chance to fight those bugs off.   Studies show that Tamanu Oil is a significant healing agent, so your dry, cracked claws will be healed & smooth in no time! Calendula flower, fennel seed, geranium leaf, grapefruit peel, and lavender flower essential oils are accompanied by tamanu oil which has promising antiviral properties as well.
To keep your hands clean, healthy, moisturized and give a little helping hand to your immune system while garnering a following of their own, do the following:
1. Wash your hands in warm water with Pangea Organics Canadian Pine with White Sage Hand Soap
2. Pat dry

3. Rub in a generous dollop of Chilean Rosehip with Tamanu & Red Clover Hand Cream

What’s YOUR hand beauty ritual?

About Pangea:

“At Pangea, we believe that plants are powerful. Pangea utilizes the latest scientific methods to extract all of the powerful actives that plants have to offer. We search the world over for ingredients that deliver results above and beyond your expectations. We do not compromise on ingredients or packaging; both are ecologically sound and protect the integrity of the product. Simply the best the world has to offer.

All products are gluten-free, with the exception of the Oatmeal Bergamot Bar Soap; due to possible gluten contamination of the oats from nearby wheat fields. This is called “blow-by contamination” for true celiacs. Our Vitamin E is sourced from either soy or sunflower, rather than wheat germ.

We have always been committed to using natural, wild crafted and certified organic ingredients. Our complete product line is certified organic.

Certification confirms that our products contain a minimum of 70% organic content, with all remaining ingredients meeting the strict criteria required under the USDA and NSF standards. Our Lip Balms are USDA Certified Organic and designated “Organic,” meaning 95% organic content or greater. Our Bar Soaps, Body Oils, and Facial Toners are USDA Certified Organic with the “Made with Organic Ingredients” designation, which requires 70% organic content or greater. All other items, Facial Cleansers, Facial Creams, Facial Mask, Facial Scrub, Eye Cream, Balancing Oil, Hand Soaps, Body Washes and Body Lotions are NSF/ANSI 305 Certified Organic with the “Contains Organic Ingredients” designation, which requires 70% organic content or greater. This standard requires the same percentage of organic content as the USDA “Made With” designation, but has broader ingredients allowances specific to personal care.

All of our products are vegan except the following:

Australian Wild Plum & Willow Facial Cleanser (contains honey)

Turkish Rose & White Tea Eye Cream (contains beeswax)

All Lip Balms (contain beeswax)

All Body Lotions (contain beeswax)

*Pangea Organics is registered with (run by PETA) as a cruelty-free company (we never test on animals).

**All Squalane in Pangea products is derived from olive rather than shark.

Pangea products are made using non-GMO ingredients.

All products are formulated with the intention of being “always beneficial”, although a patch-test may be useful when food or botanical allergies are suspected in any individual.

Pregnancy: Although some essential oils are contraindicated for pregnancy, we never use concentrations over 1% of the total formula. We stand behind our essential oil and extract aromas being generally safe and exponentially safer than the common potentially toxic ingredients found in many conventional and even some “natural” products.

Examples are: synthetic fragrances, paraben preservatives, synthetic surfactants and detergents (sodium lauryl sulfate & cocomidolpropyl betaine), PEGs (polypropylene glycol: a petrochemical), propylene glycol and butylene glycol.

Infants & Children: Pangea’s product line is extremely pure, free of common irritating synthetics and made with organic ingredients. Our line is generally safe for children, yet we suggest that soap use on infants be avoided until the umbilical cord falls off and circumcision has had adequate time to heal completely.

All Pangea Organics products have a minimum two year shelf-life un-opened and 12 months once opened.”

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