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For the #tea drinker in your life, I recommend #TeaBox teas.

At Teabox, it’s just not tea that we want to bring back. They want to rekindle the experience all that comes with it, the blend of #soul, #peace and the ultimate satisfaction that rises from their founder’s premium tea estates which posses a lineage of over 150 years of growing quality tea leaves.

Teabox has a perfect blend of the old and the new; they brought much-needed innovative tea specific supply chain mechanisms and innovations for timely delivery of tea all over the world. This innovation has allowed Teabox to cross barriers and they are proud to ship over 5 million cups of tea to over 65 different countries including #Chile, #Argentina, #Siberia and #Fiji Islands.  You can subscribe to get tea delivered to you monthly or just get tea #gift items.

They have a special going on right now where you can buy one tea, get 2nd tea 50% off with #couponcode TRYTEA (offer valid on teas only, max discount $50)

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