Want free gift cards?

Hey there! Want free gift cards? Swagbucks is a great way to treat yourself to a little extra now and then.  Swagbucks members get rewarded for exploring deals and discovering what’s online. So when you do an online search, for example, just do it through Swagbucks & earn points that you can turn into gift cards!

Swagbucks doesn’t actually give you money, it gives you points called Swagbucks for the tasks and activities you already do online.  At the Swag Store you can exchange the swagbucks for items.  They are always running promos and extra ways to earn more Swagpoints, like watching videos, shopping (with coupon codes) which earns you more points while saving you money, and team incentives.


You do have the option of turning your Swagbucks into cash, but it costs more Swagbucks to get paid directly into a PayPal account than it does to redeem them for a gift card of the same value.

Tips for Earning

  1. Take advantage of their referral system.  When you refer someone, Swagbucks will reward you with 10% of their Swagbucks earnings for life.  The more people you refer, the easier and faster you’ll get points!
  2. When you use the Swagbucks search, be real.  If you enter fake stuff like ” iuwigrwig” and hit the search button, you’ll be expelled.
  3. Do the Swagbucks “extras.” Once a day, they’ll have special offers, videos, surveys or websites for you to look at that will take a couple seconds.
  4. Use their toolbar button and website for everything.  The more you use it, the more points you will earn.
  5. Download their app & do activities on the go – surveys, polls, watching videos…

It’s free to join! Check it out here





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