Scent of the month – lavender


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The word “lavender” is actually derived from the Latin lavare meaning “to wash” as this herb has such a long tradition in cleansing. Lavender can be used by all skin types and is safe for everyone including children and pregnant women, but is best for blemished, delicate-sensitive, oil-rich, pale-devitalized and traumatized skin. Lavender oil is one of the only essential oils that can be applied undiluted, or “neat,” to the skin. The aroma of lavender is described as a smooth, sweet floral top-middle note with an herbaceous undertone. Lavender oil is a potent healing agent both mentally and physically. Its properties for mind include: calming, relaxing, clarifying, stimulating, healing and appeasing. Emotional benefits include ease of: anxiety, depression, hysteria, impatience, fatigue, shock, suspicion and tension.

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