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Teacher: A Lasting Impression of Evil –  Kindle Edition


A shocking murder streamed live on the Internet. A huge and inexplicable web of conspiracy and mayhem. A powerful and enigmatic figure who mysteriously controls thousands of loyal followers. A young and inexperienced math teacher tapped by the cops to give meaning to the statistically impossible. Ian Ruby must not only understand what may be the most evil cult that ever existed, but stop their diabolical leader before he loses everything.






False Prey: A Wildfire Novella (Wildfire Saga) Kindle Edition


This is a 31,618 word NOVELLA set in the world of the Wildfire Saga.

Bio-warfare has been brought to the West. Average citizens must fight to survive against a sickness that shows no mercy and spreads like a plague across the land.

For the quiet town of Brikston, the only way to stop the virus from gaining a foothold is self-quarantine: No one is allowed in and if you leave, you can’t come back…

But what if the enemy is already inside?

This 31,618 word NOVELLA is set in the world of Wildfire. It takes place between the events depicted in Apache Dawn and the upcoming book The Shift.

The Punch and Judy Man Kindle Edition

41mMNb4iW+L__SX311_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgThe remains of a young woman is found in a shallow grave in the shadow of an abandoned tin mine, deep in darkest Cornwall. A pathologist finds her death to have been suspicious. The investigation is put in the hands of DCI Matthew Prior. At first the murder seems to be the work of a broken, half-crazed lover. But the finding of another, similar grave reveals a far more sinister truth. A serial killer is on the loose.

A nationwide hunt ensues. But Prior’s investigation is hampered by a preening senior officer, a rabid media and suspected sightings all over the South West. As winter looms there are fears that the killer has gone to ground. But giving up is not a word Prior understands. He drives his team on, seeking the break-through that will reveal the killer’s identity.

Lip Hooked –  Kindle Edition



Finn Cummings is a walking contradiction: experienced deep-sea captain without a boat; domestic-abuse counselor with a hair-trigger temper; loved by the gorgeous multi-millionaire owner of Heaven Scent, a 58-foot Buddy Davis-designed sport-fishing yacht, yet unable to free himself from the clutches of Jeena Sterling, a sexual predator who shows up in his bed, dripping wet and wearing a mermaid costume. Finn’s shaky hold on what should be an easy-going life in the Florida Keys totally unravels when Jeena and her brother Billy steal Finn’s not-so-secret cash retirement fund, along with the stashes of two other local captains, all of whom have made love to the same “mermaid,” and can’t get over it any better than Finn.

Below the surface of the ocean, a giant hammerhead shark cruises toward a rendezvous with more than one of the characters, and a few 1000-pound blue marlin unintentionally become participants in a tournament with a winner-takes-all purse worth a cool $1,500,000.

From the Florida Keys, to the island of San Salvador, Grand Bahamas, and beneath the ocean in between, Lip Hooked is a wild adventure of excitement, danger, and crisscrossing double-crosses that keep readers guessing.

Entrepreneur: 4 Book Collection: A Beginners Guide to Entrepreneurship (Home Based Business, Entrepreneur, Small Business) Kindle Edition


Are you frustrated with your current job? Do you wish you had more disposable income after paying your bills? Are you excited by the idea of working for yourself? Do you want to find quick, easy to follow, and effective solutions to starting your own home based business?

All these challenges are covered, and more, in the 4 book collection Entrepreneur: A Beginners Guide to Entrepreneurship

The Collection includes:

  • Business Ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Innovative Business Ideas
  • Goal Setting: The 10 Step Method to Becoming an Unstoppable Goal Achiever
  • Social Media: The Ultimate Guide to Transforming Your Brand with Social Media
  • You’re The Problem: 30 Real Life Solutions to Stop Destructive Actions and Get Out of Your Own Way




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