Blended Juice Proven to Be Far Healthier Than Cold Pressed

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If you’re a regular juicer, or someone who drinks juice to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, you may want to take note of the process used in making it. Cold pressed juices have long been the popular choice among health buffs, but now we’re seeing that a blended version offers more health benefits. From added fiber content to more nutrients and sugar regulation, we break down the difference between cold pressed and blended juice, and why you may want to opt for the latter. 

The Difference Between Cold Pressed & Blended Juice 

Cold pressing juice removes all of the fiber in the fruits and vegetables, leaving you with a smoother, thinner liquid. Blended juice incorporates the whole fruit and vegetable, including the skin and fiber, where many important nutrients are found. The texture is thicker, and almost like a smoothie.

Why Blended? 

You’re Getting the Whole Fruit & Vegetables 

As mentioned above, you’re getting the entire fruit and/or vegetable when enjoying a blended juice. The blending process breaks up the fiber, which makes the produce easier to digest.

They’re More Filling 

Blended juices are digested more slowly than cold pressed juices because you’re getting the entire produce in the drink, including fiber, which makes you feel full for a longer period of time. So if you’re using it as a meal replacement or a healthy snack, you’re less likely to reach for the candy jar an hour after drinking it. This is also helpful for those doing a cleanse, because we all know feeling satisfied in terms of hunger is one of the biggest challenges of completing one.

They Detox Your System More Efficiently 

If your goal in juicing is to detox your system, then blended is going to be a better option for you. All of that fiber in the fruits & vegetables (which you remove when cold-pressing) helps speed up the movement of things in your intestines, pushing waste & toxins through digestive tract and allowing you to eliminate them from your body. The fiber also feeds the good bacteria in your digestive system, keeping your colon healthy.

They Regulate Sugar Spikes 

If you’re sensing a theme built around fiber, you’re definitely right. Fiber is nature’s magic, and it also regulates the digestion of sugar when you drink a juice. Fruits naturally contain a large amount of sugar, which is not necessarily bad for you, but if there’s no fiber to create a steady release of sugar (aka energy) from your juice, you’re bound to get a big spike in sugars, followed by a crash that makes you feel sluggish.

They Contain More Nutrients 

All of that pulp in a blended juice may make the texture a little thicker than a cold pressed one, but that pulp corresponds to higher levels of naringin, a phtyonutrient proven to have cancer-fighting properties. Naringin also regulates inflammation and contains antioxidants that may be able to help treat diabetes and other metabolic disorders.





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