Book Review – The Agency by M. L. Caggiano

This book is unlike any I have ever read. Which is good, because I don’t like to be bored when I read. The Agency, if you can get over the occasional missing words, misplaced quotation marks or awkward dialogue, will take you on a thrilling journey filled with humor, sex, friendship, romance, power, violence & everything in between.

The story revolves around Eddie Bartlett, a hard-working Wall Street analyst who is a romantic at heart but just doesn’t know how to approach women. His boss & friend, Dave Castro, however is a regular Casanova, and it just gets to be too much for Eddie to see him scoring with the ladies week after week while Eddie lives in constant loneliness, a single 30-something who should be married by now and living his dream of sharing his amazing life with a wife or partner. He decides it’s time to do something about his losing streak with women & comes across the Reynard Agency, a unique & exclusive dating service that can guarantee Eddie success with women.

He decides to give it a shot, and boy, is he glad he does! His self esteem is now at an all-time high as he starts meeting new women and “closing the deal” so to speak. Everything changes, though, when he meets Jessica Goodwin. He falls head-over-heels in love with her & so wants to suspend his contract with the Agency, but that’s against the Agency’s rules. What happens next will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat!

It was hard to put the book down as Eddie holds fast to his love for Jessica and risks everything to keep her. He is challenged by corporate greed, secret networks, and pure evil. Pick up this book & you’ll be engrossed in the story too!

I agree with other readers, this would make an exciting movie. I can almost imagine Matt Damon as Eddie, Zac Efron as Dave, and Jessica Alba as Jessica. Who would you choose?

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