Dressing up tonight using Kat Von D Beauty makeup

* I got these products for free for testing purposes.  Want to get free stuff to test , too?  Sign up here

All these products are cruelty free!

I started my look with the

Lock-It Concealer Crème

It was smooth and I had the lighter version and a more beige one. I used them both to contour and highlight my eyes,  nose, forehead and chin. It felt great and lasted all day through 100 degree weather on the beach with 75% humidity.

Next I used the

Lock-It Edge Concealer Brush #40

I love this brush. The design of it is genius. The brush is angled perfectly so that I can get into the delicate areas of my eyes and around my nose. Going above my eyes and under my eyes, I was able to apply makeup without applying too much pressure. Then I turned the brush around to the point and was able to use that to help apply false lashes and also to help with eyeliner.

Next came the

Lock-It Setting Powder

This powder is translucent and photographs very well. It didn’t look pale or tacky and photos or in person. I was able to maintain my makeup look for over 12 hours in a hot and humid environment on the beach in Cancun and then also in California on the beach. It’s very comfortable on my skin and didn’t melt it off or irritate my skin in any way.
The last step is the

Lock-It Setting Powder Brush #20

I received this product for free in return for an honest review.

This brush is soft and comfortable. I used it to apply translucent setting powder but also used it to apply blush and bronzer. It’s my new favorite brush. I love the way it’s shaped and that it’s easy and soft on my skin

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