A Day in the Life of a Family Doc

Name: Maritza Baez

Home city/ country:  Buffalo, NY USA

Current Occupation: Family Physician

Time I wake up: 5:30am

First thing I do in the morning: Brush my teeth

My typical breakfast:  water, plain non-dairy yogurt with fresh organic fruit & gluten-free multigrain cereal on top

Here’s what my morning commute is like:  20 minutes.  Half of it is on the highway.  I like to beat the traffic

I spend most of my day doing: Listening, thinking, analyzing, teaching, helping people reach their health goals, and documenting in the medical records.

After work or school, I like to:  Zumba!  Or other fitness classes in the gym

A fun night for me includes:  Front row VIP experience at a concert

Time I go to sleep: Between 10pm and midnight

Last thing I do at night:  Brush & floss my teeth

My favorite thing to do for fun:  Get a spa pedicure with organic non toxic products

My biggest fear right now: Being so overwhelmed with paperwork that I can’t do anything else

My biggest hope right now:  That more people will be happy & healthy

Someday I’d like to: Visit the pyramids in Egypt

The biggest challenge I have overcome so far: Coming from poverty to become an Ivy-league graduate with a medical degree and no student loans.

The biggest challenge I hope to overcome: Realizing that it’s ok to say no sometimes.

Being a woman is wonderful because: I have the power to empower others to reach their goals

Being a woman is a challenge because:  Sometimes people may not appreciate or expect my intelligence

What’s one thing people don’t understand about your culture that you’d like to clarify to the international community?  I describe my culture as an American one with some Latina influences, since my parents are Puerto Rican.  I am an American citizen and so are they.

What’s your favorite meal or recipe that is a specialty of your culture? Rice & chickpeas made with vegan ingredients.


If you could ask the community anything, what would it be? What more can we do to combat global warming?


I am a leader because:  I believe in empowerment of women & like to learn from women around the world & contribute what I can

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