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My Bite Voxbox from Influenster

I’ve never been into lip pencils but I decided to try this one. I like that it comes already sharpened to really sharp points  for precise application. It goes on smoothly without fading or feathering over time. You can use it by itself as a lip color to last all day long. It does not smudge if you wipe your lips or drink things that are in plastic, paper or glass containers. The color is vibrant and I got many compliments throughout the day for it. You can layer lipstick or lip gloss over it if you would like but this has a matte finish. I received the Lip Pencil courtesy of BITE Beauty for sampling purposes.

I got #theLipPencil free from @BiteBeauty & @influenster.  It goes on smoothly without feathering. #contest

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Here I used lipstick color Whiskey and pencil #44:

Wearing the LipPencil & LipStick

Here I used LipPencil #20 & Lipstick Honeycomb:

Here I used lipstick color Honeycomb and pencil #20.


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