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Crispy Fruit by crispy green is made of 100% pure fruit, nothing else. Our sophisticated freeze-drying process removes moisture from fresh, sweet fruit, resulting in a light and crispy treat that snacks like a ship without any added sugars or preservatives. I got the banana one and it was delicious!



Burt’s Bees Protein Plus healthy Radiance powder. New Burt’s Bees plant-based protein shakes are a delicious way to start your day. Simply mixed with your favorite non-dairy beverage or add to your favorite smoothie recipe and enjoy! Visit for more information and recipes.  #drinkitallin

I made this smoothie using the powder, orange juice, blueberries and some almond milk. Yum!


@popchips ridges cheddar and sour cream. Sharp cheddar, smooth sour cream and potatoes, it’s the ultimate threesome! And when they come together in extra crispy Popchips ridges you get a whole mouth full of delicious. We take potatoes, add heat and pressure, then pop! You get chips that are deeply satisfying, not deep fried. Plus no grease, and no guilty conscience.

These were delicious. Not too salty and not too sharp. The texture is pretty cool. Kind of a mixture between a rice cake and a chip. It was definitely satisfying for my taste for cheese and Ranch. It was an interesting combination and I would definitely recommend this and even buy some myself.


@drinkorgain organic protein bars. Clean, delicious ingredients designed to help you gain everyday nourishment, whenever and wherever you need it. With only 150 calories or less, and 10 grams of protein, are bars are a perfect way to replenish, refuel and go. USDA organic certified, 100% vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free. It was delicious. Mine was cookie dough flavored and it was just what I needed after the gym.#orgainproteinbars

Save $5 off a 12-pack of Orgain Organic Protein Bars with code INFLUENSTER5 at until 6/30/17.


@sabra guacamole grab-and-go. Sabra’s award-winning guacamole is paired with the Crispy, Crunchy deliciousness of Tostitos rolls for the ultimate snack combination. This convenient two compartment snack is just 220 calories, leaving you perfectly satisfied without any guilt!  #sabraguacamole I was so good! What came in the box was a coupon to get one for free. I found it at Tops Friendly Markets on Transit Road in Lancaster NY.  If you go to the Sabra website you can click on where to find it near you. I took it to work and it was just what I needed for that 3pm slump.


Febreze one Fabric and air mist. Gently cleans away orders with no heavy perfumes, dyes or aerosols. It smelled great and lasted hours! #febrezeoneattarget


@Orabrush a dentek brand tongue cleaner. 90% of bad breath comes from a dirty tongue. Fight bad breath with Orabrush. The Orabrush tongue cleaner features ultra soft, micro pointed bristles that reach deep into the uneven crevices of your tongue to loosen stinky bacteria. The scraper then collects and removes the bacteria and residue generated from brushing, helping to keep your breath fresh.  #orabrush Left my mouth feeling fresh. I’ve actually been using one of these (not the exact same one without replacing it, of course) for years. Oral hygiene is one of my hobbies!  Oral health is tied to overall health including cardiovascular health, so I definitely recommend this.


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Dressing up tonight using Kat Von D Beauty makeup

I received all these products for free for testing purposes


free ebook. skincare for all skin types from Maritza Baez



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