Butternut Squash Curry Soup Instant Pot Meal

I recently purchased an Instant Pot (pressure and slow cooker) on Amazon, and have used it a few times, but I was a little discouraged at first because the recipes that came with it were pretty limited in terms of their vegan-ness.

This E-book entitled  Instant Pot Vegan Recipes by Sam Kuma has 68 vegan recipes that are easy and delicious!  So anyone, regardless of being vegan or not can follow the instructions to create these meals and they will enjoy them as much as I did.  I’m a busy professional who works 120+ hours a week, so I need quick, easy & nutritious meals made with fresh ingredients. This e-book made that a reality for me.


Chapter 1 has 15 vegan breakfast recipes.  My favorite was the Pumpkin Apple Butter. I always wanted to make apple butter and I never knew how.  This was way too easy and everyone loved it.  Chapter 2 has 9 stew, soup & chili recipes.  My favorite there was the Butternut Squash Curry Soup (see attached photo). Wow!  So good and it made 6 servings so I was able to share it with all my friends at work – who LOVED it and didn’t even realize it was VEGAN!


Chapter 3 had 6 vegan salad recipes, my favorite being the International Quinoa Salad.  Chapter 4 included 9 snack & appetizer recipes. You HAVE to try the vegan queso dip.  It will be the hit of any party, trust me! Chapter 5 included 18 vegan main course recipes.  The Zucchini and Tomato Melange was something I had never created before so that was a pleasure to make.  Chapter 6 included 11 vegan dessert recipes.  Everyone loved the Berry Compote.  Yum.

The other great thing about this book is that it is an E-Book, so no trees have to be sacrificed for me to enjoy it (because it’s not printed on paper) and I can have the recipe at the palm of my hand while I’m shopping at the store for my ingredients (because it’s on my phone via the e-reader app!).

I also enjoyed trying the different cooking modes available on the Instant Pot that I had never used before, such as “Sautee” or “Soup,” etc.  Highly Recommend! I did receive a copy of this for free in exchange for my honest review.
Get your copy Here

Now that I have experience with this instant but I’m going to create some of my own recipes and I’ll share them with you soon!

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