Nilotic ANTI AGE CRÈME Sunrise Lemon


This cream is amazing. It is perfect for all skin types and its base is Nilotic Shea Fruit Butter.  I had never heard of that before, so I researched it.  “Nilotic” means coming from the Nile region of Africa (specifically in this case, Uganda).  So there are actually differences between the more widely used West African Shea Butter and Nilotic Shea Butter. I will outline them below (taken from the Nilotic website).



From :

Vitellaria Paradoxa Tree across West Africa Vitellaria Nilotic Trees along the Nile in Northern Uganda


Almost all high end Skin and Haircare providers in the Americas, Europe and Asia, including L’Occitane, L’Oreal,  Aveda, SheaMoisture, Elizabeth Arden, Josie Maran, Kiehl’s US Based: Nilotic®, LXMI


Naturally rich and full of essential Fatty Acids for Healing and Nourishing of Thirsty Skin

Generally contains below 5% concentration of Phytonutrients (Shea Grade ‘D’ or below)

Naturally rich and full of essential Fatty Acids for Healing and Nourishing of Thirsty Skin

Contains high % of naturally forming Vitamins A & E for added Anti-Ageing benefits

Contains over 7% concentration of Phytonutrients (Highest Shea Grade ‘A’)

Skin Absorption Rate:

Slow Very Quick


Rough, Crumbly and Hard to Scoop Soft, Smooth & Light with a Whipped Velvety Feel


Yellowish-Gold Light Gold


Sharp, strong and dominant nutty smell  Mildly Nutty. Also available with other natural scents, exclusively from Nilotic®


I had never used a product with Nilotic Shea butter, but I have used West African Shea butter before, so I could compare for myself.  I loved the difference. It is very easy to apply and to handle.  It goes onto the skin very smoothly and absorbs quickly.  It does not clog up your pores (it is noncomedogenic).  The Pure Nilotic Fruit Butter combined with 100% pure lemon skin oil helps to reduce puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes, mouth, face, neck, and décolleté.  My skin felt amazingly soft, my makeup went on smoother, and I looked from radiant!  The aromatherapy from the lemon oil wakes me up along with my skin for more energy and happiness.

Even better, it is chemical free, cruelty free, vegan and non toxic.  It’s so safe that they eat a spoonful of each batch! The high natural phytonutrient content aids in skin firmness, anti-aging and acne control.  It is also naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.  Dermatologists and clinical studies also back this product, as do I.

Another first for me is that the container is made from Bamboo!  I’ll have to come up with something creative to upcycle it when it’s empty.

I especially love when a company is eco-conscious and gives back to the community.  That Nilotic gives back in so many ways is beyond inspiring.

(From the Nilotic website:) “The company is all about Women and Community Empowerment.  Therefore, for each order placed with Nilotic, they will pay 3 weeks (or ¼ of a semester) of school fees for a ‘disadvantaged’ child in Kampala, Uganda, who’s parents or supporters cannot afford to send their child to school. Their initial focus is the district of Naguru, which contains a significantly higher portion of ‘disadvantaged’ children than the ‘Katwe’ district made famous by the recent Disney blockbuster ‘Queen of Katwe’. The children in the Naguru district dream of becoming the next Phiona Mutesi and they will do everything they can at Nilotic to create opportunities for these kids. The Nilotic team along with Ghetto Film Project, have created a Red List of kids labeled as ‘disadvantaged’. Upon sale of a Nilotic product, they choose one child from the Rest List at random for the School initiative. Fees are paid directly to the school and invoices stored for everyone to see, so there is zero chance of corruption!  If you scan the QR code on the outer packaging, you will see which child’s education your purchase is helping!

For every order placed with Nilotic, the company will plant one Moringa tree in the West Nile, Northern Uganda. For those of you that had never heard of the Moringa Fruit, Oil or Leaf before, now you have! Saying its products are extremely nutritious for consumption is an understatement. Planting the Moringa tree will enhance the nutritional value of the local diet in rural West Nile as well as improving income from a high yield crop such as Moringa.

Also for every order placed with Nilotic, the company plants one Nilotic Fruit tree in the West Nile, Northern Uganda. This region is the birthplace of their Nilotic Fruit Butter, home to the best natural skincare cream known to Woman. Unfortunately the challenge of late for the local Women picking the Shea Fruits has been the cutting down of Trees by village men for quick profits via charcoal production. They aim to offset this effect and ensure a long term future for the Nilotic Fruit tree via this initiative. These miracle trees take over 40 years before they yield fruit but the result is worth the wait!

Finally, for every order placed with Nilotic, the company plants one Bamboo tree in the West Nile, Northern Uganda. Nilotic does not replicate the cosmetics market by packaging in cheap, non biodegradable and/or chemically dyed plastic. They use 100% pure & sustainable Bamboo. Hence, they would like their Nilotic Women to grow Bamboo trees and sell back to them in the future. Moreover, the Bamboo tree is quick to grow and will very soon be able to provide sustainable all year round income for the Nilotic Women and their families.” (Note, the following graphic is taken from the Nilotic website.)


Wow!  What a product.  It not only works wonders for your skin, but also for the Earth and the community from which it is sourced.   I highly recommend you try this!

Nilotic ANTI AGE CRÈME Sunrise Lemon (get 20% off with code NILOTIC16)

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