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I do a lot of traveling, and boy, does it take a toll on me sometimes.  That stuffy airplane air and the thousands of germs swarming around in airports and on one’s luggage when you pick it up from the baggage claim area can wreak havoc on one’s immune system.  Not only can the germs get to you, but if you’re like me, traveling can be highly stressful and leave you missing a few hours of sleep. Those factors, too, play a role in your immune system.  As a physician, I am always teaching people about prevention.  One thing that we may be able to prevent is infections, and that would be by building a strong immune system.

I’ve found that many people can’t tell the difference between a respiratory infection and allergies, or respiratory infections that require antibiotics and those that don’t.  Respiratory infections that come from a viral source do not respond to antibiotics, yet some people seem to think that they do and may even demand antibiotics, because they believe they will feel better once they take it.

The fact is that 4 out of 5 respiratory infections are caused by viruses, and antibiotics don’t treat viruses.  Immune systems do.  Antibiotics are often used when unnecessary, but this has led to a rise in antibiotic-resistant infections, which can become quite severe. 97% of physicians are concerned about the rising incidence of drug resistance.  You can count me among them.

There are many factors that play into one’s immune system, including adequate sleep, hydration, nutrition, etc, but today I wanted to introduce you into EZC Active Pak, an award-winning physician-formulated immune support pack designed to support healthy immune system function of individuals with active on-the-go lifestyles. The Active Pak is an excellent choice during travel, times of peak stress, or lack of sleep when immune system function is often at its weakest.  It contains an organic Echinacea blend, zinc and vitamin C.

The design of the package is sleek and travel-sized so that it can fit in your purse or travel case.  When you pull the tab that says “pull,” both sides of the pak slide out to reveal the capsules on onside (in a blister pack) and an infographic explaining the product on the other side. I found that to be appealing, not only as a physician, but as a consumer.



Suggested use is twice a day for maintenance immune support and up to four times a day for maximal immune support. Each EZC Pak contains 10 capsules (5 of the E capsules and 5 of the ZC capsules), which can be opened to sprinkle their contents to mix with water, juice, yogurt, or your choice of food.  I had mine mixed with water, which is what was readily available to me in my hotel room.  It tasted herbal and pleasant.  I felt great and didn’t get sick before during or after my 5 day trip.

If you’d like to pick some up, go to


*Disclaimer: I received a free sample in exchange for my honest review

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