Have a Macbook? Here’s how you protect it!

I use my MacBook Pro for everything, so I take it everywhere. I had purchased a hard case for it, but I was not pleased with it, because it cracked under very light pressure.  It seemingly was made out of cheap plastic.  I also had a keyboard cover to dress up the look of it, but I noticed that it left marks on the screen when I closed my laptop.  In my quest for a replacement cover, I found Se7enline Macbook Pro Case Soft-Touch Plastic Hard Cover for Macbook Pro with Soft Sleeve Bag, Keyboard Skin, Clear LCD Screen Protector, and Dust plugs.  Wow!  I was impressed with everything that came with it.  Frankly, it never dawned on me that I needed all of those components, but I did!

I think of my MacBook as a bigger version of my phone or tablet, and on my phone I have a case and a screen protector. I did not, however, have a screen protector on my MacBook, but when I purchased the Se7enline product and applied the screen protector, I realized what I had been missing all along.  Now my keyboard did not leave imprints on the screen, and any crumbs or splashes from sips or snacks don’t ruin the screen or leave fingerprints, because I could easily wipe off anything that gets on the screen.


The case was amazing. The color was vibrant and pretty. I like that they offer a variety of colors, and it feels silky soft and very pleasant with a matte finish.  Most plastic cases just feel like boring hard plastic.  This again was something I never realized I needed or wanted.  Now carrying around my laptop would be extra special, because it not only looks great but it is also appealing to the touch.  It’s durable and ergonomic, protecting against shock, scratch, dust or other damage. The rubberized feet kept my MacBook firmly in place as I used it. The bottom of the case has air-follow through ventilation areas for heat release, and it is easy to put on and take off.  I could easily plug in my charger, cable or headset without removing the case.


Another “aha” moment came when I inserted the dust plugs. Not only do they look really cool and match the color of the keyboard cover that’s included, but they serve a purpose I had never really considered.  I’m a mother to 3 precious kitties, but unfortunately they shed.  I used to have a desktop, and the tower of it would get covered in cat hair and dust every so often.  *Bingo* The same thing could happen with my laptop!  The little places on the side where I plug in my accessories could also fill up with fur and dust, so I should cover those!  Luckily this product led me to that conclusion and provided me with everything I needed to protect my MacBook.


I travel a lot, and so the Soft Sleeve Bag was perfect for that extra element of protection. At first I wasn’t sure if the laptop would fit in there, but it did, and it was super easy to carry around because it had a nice surface that I could grip securely.


I highly recommend you get this for your MacBook. Get yours here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00VTSLSY4

For Amazon Prime Day, there is a lightning deal from 4:35 to 10:35 am on July 11, so mark your calendar to save 20% or more on this! If you miss the lightning deal, you can use this special 15% discount code HH78ZAEF. The code can be used after 11:00am on July 11.

  • Only fits for Macbook Pro 13″ with Retina Display Model A1502/A1425 No CD-Rom Drive (Released Late 2012- Early 2016 ). Please double check your MacBook’s model number “A1xxx” on the bottom of the laptop to determine the compatibility
  • NOT Fit for Newest Macbook Pro 13″ Model A1706/A1708 with/without Touch Bar (Released Oct 2016), Macbook Pro 13″ Model A1278 with CD-Rom Drive (Released 2009-Mid 2012), Macbook White 13″ Model A1342/A1181 (Released 2006- Early 2009), Macbook Air 13″ Model A1369/A1466 (Late 2010-2016)

Disclaimer: I received this product for a discount in exchange for my honest review.

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