Calling all Cat Parents – How to Save your Furniture From Scratches!

I’m a cat mom to 3 fur babies – 2 adults and 1 kitten.  Only the kitten has her claws, and boy, does she like to investigate and get into things with her mouth and her paws! I frequently catch her jumping up on the couch, trying to claw her way up curtains, my legs or window screens, or scratching up the back or sides of the sofa.


I was wondering what I could do to stop her from destroying my legs and my furniture without declawing her (how cruel!) when I came across Noyspets Cardboard Cat Scratcher.  I’ll admit that at first I was skeptical, but she liked it!  Check out the video:

I have seen cardboard cat scratchers before, but I never actually bought one because it looked so flimsy that it would be a waste of money.  Maggie loves boxes to begin with, so that was a plus.  I like that this product comes with a little packet of fresh catnip to put on it to attract the kitty to it.  You can also hang it up and it comes with a cat toy to keep your kitty active and happy.

Maggie came up to it right away and started chewing on it.  It’s pretty durable!  The other kitties jumped on it and started scratching on it (even though they didn’t have any front claws), so they liked it, too!


I’m very happy with this and recommend it if you’re looking for something to distract the kitties from scratching up your furniture.  Get yours here:

  • Disclaimer-  I received his free in exchange for my honest review

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