Pet Parents: Taking your fur babies for a ride? Read this first!

I love taking my cats or dogs to the vet or to visit their cousins.  However, one of my kitties gets really nervous and tends to lose control of her bladder when she’s scared.  Likewise one of my doggies gets overly excited and sprays when she’s overly stimulated. Luckily, I found INNX Quilted Waterproof Pet Cargo Liner on Amazon, and it was just the thing I needed to keep my fur babies happy and my SUV protected!

It was very easy to set up, and only took me about 5 minutes at the most.  It is made with durable and waterproof material and has Velcro so it sticks to the carpet floor of my cargo space and then reversible Velcro strips on the sides, so I can apply the Velcro strips to the sides.


No one made a mess, but I can tell that this would be easy to clean up if spills, food, or fur got on it.  It has a pocket on it, so I can keep some extra pet supplies in there for easy access.  When the fur babes aren’t in there, it still protects my vehicle from any grocery spills or other messes that could happen day-to-day.

Get yours here:

Disclaimer:  I got this for free in exchange for my honest opinion

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