Here’s my travel secret

I take a lot of overnight trips, so the FavorGear Small Travel Toiletry Bag Super Light Toiletry Organizer for Overnight Trip is just what I need.  Most of my trips are for concerts.  This summer I’ve gone to Detroit to see & meet Michelle Branch, to Toronto to see & meet Lionel Richie, to Buffalo to see & meet Mary J Blige, to Niagara Falls to see Diana Ross, to New York City to get my doctor of the year award, and back to Toronto to see & meet Lady Gaga!  I either fly or drive.  When I fly, I pack my toiletries away in the checked luggage. Otherwise, I pack them in my purse.

My travel essentials include the following:




face wash



face serum

eye lash serum


body oil

face oil

makeup remover


foundation primer

eye shadow primer

eye shadow

eye liner





hair serum

false eyelashes

eyelash glue

eyelash curlers


lip gloss

lip liner


makeup brushes



contour kit

makeup sponges

hair curler

hair spray

setting powder

eyebrow wax

eyebrow powder

lip crayon

That might sound like a lot, but it’s just what I need.  It takes all of these things to make myself look flawless when I meet celebrities. After all, these are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, so I want to look like a million bucks! Photo shoot makeup is more dramatic and heavy that day-to-day makeup, so I tend to pack a little more than just daily casual makeup prep tools.

Luckily the FavorGear Small Travel Toiletry Bag is very light weight and takes up only a little space.  The fabric feels like one of those waterproof rain jackets.  It collapses down so easily when it is empty. It is waterproof and has 3 separate compartments in which to keep my items. The one side has a handle, so I can carry it that way or hang it up on something. The other end has a little loop. I haven’t figured out that that is for yet but it’s good to have the option to do something with it. It was just the right size and shape for me to put all the overnight toiletries I needed in there. It gives me comfort knowing that my items are safe in there all in one easy and convenient place.

I also admire how versatile this is! I can put all kids of stuff in here! On one of my trips, I forgot my purse and I needed something in which to carry my phone and keys, so I used the FavorGear Small travel Toiletry bag, and it worked wonders! I matched my outfit and people were asking me about it, because it was so interesting to see. I was very pleased with it.

Another time, I needed something in which to pack my lunch and I used the FavorGear small toiletry bag. I was able to put a bottle of water, a baggie of grapes, a sandwich, napkins, and a fork & knife in there! Whoa!! Plus there was tons of extra room left.


Check out my video to see it in action!


I can’t wait for my next trip now that I have this to carry all of my travel essentials!  My next trip is to see Bruno Mars in concert as a VIP in the front row in Buffalo NY!  What’s your next trip?  What are your travel essentials?  I’d love to hear your tips!

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