How does your garden grow?

I love gardens.  I have a shrubbery garden and am starting a vegetable garden soon, so I was on the hunt for a nozzle for my hose.   RAAYA GARDEN HOSE NOZZLE sprayer Swivel wand is a great way for me to water my garden.  it also comes with a water bottle adapter. I’ve never seen that before. You put it on a water bottle and then you can water your indoor plants by tipping the water bottle upside down and the water comes out through the adapter in a rain like fashion.  Pretty sweet!  The nozzle was very sturdy and did not leak. I like all the spray options and have used all of them and do actually use all the different options.  I definitely recommend this and I’m glad I got this. You can find it at


I was so tired of cheap, uncomfortable and leaky sprayers.  This one was not like the rest.  It has a 180 Degree Adjustable Head which lets me use this not only for watering the garden, but for washing my car or watering the lawn, too.   It is able to perform angled, as a traditional “gun” type, or vertically with the head lined up with the handle.  I’m so glad the folks at Raayo have done extensive research and put enormous effort into ensuring the product they built is nothing but the best. The heavy duty metal construction is built to stand the test of time and daily use, and it never leaks.  They do include 4 replacement washers to be sure you never have a leak.

Check out this bonus! On top of you receiving your new spray nozzle and free bottle adapter, you also will expand your gardening knowledge with multiple free ebooks and a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.  Any order over $49 qualifies for FREE shipping! Of course as always, all Amazon Prime members get to enjoy free 2 day shipping on all orders!


FYI I did get this for free for testing purposes.

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