Exuviance Detox Mud Treatment

I am honored to yet again partner with Neostrata to try out their Exuviance Detox Mud Treatment Mask.

First of all, let’s talk about why masking should be a crucial part of your skin care routine.  Masking is good for all skin types and gives your skin a chance to get rid of toxins and to unclog your pores.  Masking with mud is especially effective at both, so I was super excited to try this mud mask out!

If you haven’t heard of EXUVIANCE®, it was created by the founders of Neostrata, Drs. Van Scott and Yu, world-renowned experts in the field of cosmetic dermatology. They discovered the antiaging benefits of Glycolic Acid and patented the first Glycolic Peel. Ever since their industry-changing discovery, the creators of Exuviance have continued to patent antiaging ingredients backed by science and by clinical studies. Exuviance formulations are clinically proven to visibly transform skin by combining their patented innovations with the latest in dermatological technology.  These products reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase firmness, smooth texture and even our your skin tone with a patented bionic blend of highly evolved Polyhydroxy and Alpha Hydroxy acids – a type of chemical exfoliator – that don’t irritate your skin.

Exuviance Detox Mud Treatment Mask instantly unclogs pores and detoxifies skin while absorbing excess oil and debris, so skin looks and feels thoroughly clean and smooth.  I have combination skin and tend to have congestion (clogged pores) around my nose, cheeks and mouth, so this mask is something I have been looking forward to using to solve my skincare concerns for a long time.

This silky mask is able to fulfill these skincare needs because of the patented ingredients included.  NeoGlucosamine®, a non-acid amino-sugar exfoliator that helps minimize the appearance of pores, starts the clarifying treatment process. Then, Japanese Binchotan Charcoal acts like a magnet and sweeps up surface pore-clogging dirt, oil, cell debris and environmental toxins to cleanse your skin to the ultimate level. French Clay (the mud part of the “Mud Treatment”), with its high mineral content, absorbs excess skin oil and leaves skin refreshed. A botanical blend helps balance your skin’s oiliness for a beautiful, smooth finish without parabens, oil, or irritation.

This 23% Active Charcoal Clay and NeoGlucosamine® detoxifying mud masque is great for all skin types, but especially for skin that is occasionally congested, oily or blemish-prone.

To use it (2 – 3 times a week), first squeeze some product onto your fingertips and apply a thin, even layer over your cleansed face (and neck/décolleté), completely covering your skin but avoiding your lips and eyes. Let the masque dry completely for 5 – 15 minutes. It will dry sticky.  To remove the masque, use your hands to rinse your skin well with warm water. It’s best not to rinse with a washcloth because the charcoal can stain cloth (but not your skin).  If you suffer from Backne (acne on your back), you can also use it there, although this isn’t specifically formulated for that area of the body.


When I used it, I found that it felt silky and didn’t irritate my skin at all.  There was no tingling sensation.  My skin definitely felt refreshed afterwards and it was easy to rinse off.  The congestion around my cheeks, nose and chin was significantly improved!  People thought I had foundation one when I didn’t!  The more I used it, the smoother my skin felt, so I am convinced that I will purchase some more when this tube is empty.  At $49 a bottle, it is well worth it.  It saves me from having to go for facials and extractions, which can be expensive and painful.

If you buy any mud mask, I recommend this one.

Check it out here:


*Disclaimer. I received this product free for testing purposes


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