Earn a free VOLO GO Cordless Dryer & other exclusive rewards simply by sharing

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The VOLO GO is a cordless hair dryer packed with the newest technology to revolutionize the hair industry. We use infrared heat technology for safer and healthier styling, while remaining as powerful as pro dryers.

Now you can earn one for free!

The more people who enter their email through your link, the more rewards you unlock. Any social platform works — even email— so share your heart out.

sign up here: http://bit.ly/getvologo


  • 5 referrals = 1 Duo Sample Pack: Thermal Leave-In Treatment and Hair Serum.
  • 20 referrals = $10 OFF Coupon Code towards VOLO Purchase.
  • 25 referrals = Micro-fiber Towel (while supplies last).
  • 40 referrals = EXTRA $10 OFF Coupon towards VOLO Purchase (total of $20 OFF).  Keep on going!
  • 50 referrals = VOLO Hat (while supplies last).
  • For every 20 referrals, you get an extra $10 OFF your VOLO purchase– the rewards keep on building.
  • 100 referrals = Entry in a 1 in 20 drawing for a free VOLO Go Hair Dryer!
  • 800 referrals = A free VOLO Go Cordless Hair dryer!
  • 5000 referrals = An exclusive VOLO Beauty experience.

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