Healthy-Finds makes good health achievable and affordable!

As a family doctor I’m always looking for resources to stay healthy and that could be accessible to my friends. I came across Healthy-Finds and realized that this was something I could use and that my patients can use.  For only $7 a month you get excellent wellness information from a reliable source as well as 100s of dollars in savings on some amazing health and wellness brands. Plus you get $60 worth of gift cards as soon as you sign up!  The average member of Healthy-Finds also gets $50 more each month they are a member! I used my gift cards right away and I am very happy with the products I ordered.  One of the gift cards was for $10 off a $10 purchase at one of their partner brands! I ordered a few things using my $60 in gift cards from various brands  that I use every day, including bath & body items, supplements, clothing, food & drink, and more!


I don’t know about you, but between work, sleep, family, fitness, and meditation, there seems to be less and less time available to research which brands and products I should be incorporating into my wellness routine.  Well now you can stop surfing the internet, browsing endless brands you’ve never heard of who are too expensive for your budget. When you join the Healthy-Finds program, you’ll experience having your own team of experts, carefully selecting the healthiest products and negotiating one of a kind deals just for you!

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So instead spending hours browsing online for coupons, or buying the Sunday paper and spending hours browsing through the coupons and trying to decide which items are actually healthy, or going to big box specialty “Healthy” grocery stores that are 15 miles away, I just have to check my email for the deals and gift cards from Healthy-Finds.  I can shop in the convenience of my own home, confident that my team of health experts already found the best deals and the healthiest options for me and my family!  This leaves me with extra time to spend doing what I love!

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Plus, the perks of getting $10 cash back on every $50 I spend on my favorite natural brands like Shea Organics and Sun Warrior and many more just keeps me motivated to try previously-unknown-to-me all natural products from trusted brands.  You get a $10 gift card for every $50 you spend on any of the brands they work with — no matter where you shop. It could be Amazon, Target, GNC or anywhere else the products are sold. For only $7 (just skip that fast food run), you get hundreds of dollars in savings and free gifts every single month!   It just seems like a no-brainer to me!

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If you are looking for healthy products made by passionate companies that dedicated to making the best possible product possible, then Healthy-Finds is for you. Giant corporations out there try to trick us by adding a speck of a “superfood” into their product, or adding certain buzz words on their fancy eye-catching packages, but they can’t compare to the cutting edge products from the most innovative brands in natural health today that Healthy-Finds connects you to.  They cut no corners and produce the purest, highest quality products in their categories. Health Finds only works with brands that are approved by their wellness team, run by Dr Andrew Campbell.

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From their website: “For over 30 years, Dr. Campbell has treated patients with rare and unusual illnesses and conditions, and is considered the “go-to” doctor for symptoms that cannot be cured or explained by other top doctors. Dr. Campbell is an expert on the effects of harmful substances and toxicity, and has dedicated his life to a scientific-based natural, which he believes is far more effective than spending billions of dollars on drugs. He personally helps thousands each year who have given up hope, and tens of thousands more by spreading the message that the simple and natural approach.”  Now THAT makes me feel even more secure that Healthy-Finds has my best health interests in mind!  That I have a team meticulously hand picking nutritious products and partners while striving to provide information that is otherwise hidden from consumers, I have no second thoughts about sharing this program with others.

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As a Healthy-Finds member, you’ll get a free phone consultation with one of their wellness advisors plus:

Amazing weekly deals, discounts, bargains, and coupons
Cash back on everyday purchases
Monthly newsletters with some great health information.  I learned all about probiotics in one of the newsletters I got.
In-depth reports
Exclusive members only offers
And much more!

If you don’t love the program, get your $7 back and keep your incredible gifts just for trying!

Sign up here:

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This is a sponsored post and I got to try out the program for free in exchange for my honest review.




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