My PMS Kit Unboxing & Review

As a woman, you can relate to getting that monthly visitor, when your mood might change, your taste buds might change a little, and you may feel a little uncomfortable.  Well, you can brighten that monthly gift from mother nature by also getting a monthly PMS Kit to survive that time of the month!  I was able to test one out for free in exchange for my honest review, and I really enjoyed it!

Firstly, you can customize what you want inside of it and you tell the company when your period usually starts, so that your Kit can arrive on the first day of your period.  Yay!  So now you have something to look forward to every month!

Watch me open my kit!

Here’s what’s inside:

2 Crystal Collagen Gold Powder Eye Mask sets

These felt great and kept my eyes looking awake!  No ones could tell it was that time of the month!

ColourPop Supershock Metallic Shade in color “Rex”

The dark purple color is so pretty! It blends well and helps me feel confident and pretty.

5 pantiliners

These come in handy to prevent any unexpected leakages.

Several flavors of GO Organic hard candies

These were really tasty when I had a craving for something sweet at the gym or while driving in the car.

Art Natural Lavender Essential Oil

This was perfect to use on my diffuser necklace or mixed in with some body oil to soothe my achy muscles (feet, lower abdomen, neck and shoulders)

An essential Oil Diffusing Necklace

This looks really cute and I put a couple drops of the lavender oil in it and the aroma of lavender kept me calm all day!

Sports Headset Ear Buds

These were super cute and easy to pair with my phone through bluetooth technology

Aneer Menstrual cup with a Silky pink sack

I got a size large since I am over the age of 25.  It was easy to use and to keep clean

A post card with some cute tips and quotes about your time of the month

This put a smile on my face!

A Pink zippered bag

I put my earbuds, pantiliners, earbuds, essential oil and candies in there and carried that in my purse!

What would I change?  Maybe flip the box inside out. I’m not sure I want everyone to see MY PMS KIT on the outside.  Otherwise, I love it!  Check it out for yourself at:

free ebook. skincare for all skin types from Maritza Baez



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