5 Unexpected Ways to Wear Knee High & Thigh High Socks

It’s time to resurrect those knee high and thigh high socks out from the bottom of your drawer, or, better yet, pick up some new ones, because they are in vogue now!  I was blessed with the chance to try some socks free from Chrissy’s Socks and here’s how I styled them!

1. With a romper


Firstly, these socks arrived in the mail super quickly, within 2 days!  They were in a plastic envelope which was easy to open and nicely folded.  The material is very comfortable and the color is vibrant.  At first glance, these socks may look like the type you could wear to a baseball game if you were a ball player.  However, I wanted to flip the script and try something bold, so I chose this fun and flirty romper, which complemented the red of the socks.  What do you think?


2. With Shorts


I really like the fun pink camo pattern of these socks.  I paired them with some exercise shorts and sneakers.  The pop of color was an unexpected surprise as I ran around chasing after the kitty outside.  Not only was it stylish, but it was comfy!


3.  Over jeans, with open-toed shoes


Ok so for this pretty solid purple color, I decided to layer them over jeans and with open toed shoes.  Usually you might hear about people wearing these type of socks under boots, but the socks with open toed pumps look is now trending, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.  I loved it!  The solid color of the socks with the solid denim make quite the statement!


4.  Stripes with stripes


I love  stripes!  Some people try to stay away from horizontal stripes because of the myth that they might make you look larger.  On the contrary, they are flattering, and layering stripes is the new fashion statement.  I layered these grey striped socks with red striped leggings.  They were not only comfortable, but fabulous!


5. Horizontal stripes with vertical stripes!


Ok, here’s another unexpected combo that totally works!  I paired these gorgeous socks with some leggings and a striped shirt.  The horizontal stripes and the vertical stripes pairing here works because it’s separated by a solid color.  While doing yoga or pilates, this outfit was a hit!


How do you wear your socks?  Get some knee high and thigh high socks for yourself at https://www.kneehighsocks.org

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