Paris hilton skincare ProD.N.A.™ Face & Décolletage Cream

I’m all about empowerment of women, so when I heard that Paris Hilton, an American businesswoman, DJ, television personality, socialite, model and singer has started a line of cruelty free skincare, I was so excited to try it out and support in any efforts to spread the word!  As an iconic figure with tens of millions of followers and multiple successful product lines – including a fragrance line generating over $2 Billion in sales – Paris has become an undeniable force with the ability to create lasting trends across the globe! Remarkably, throughout her career, Paris has maintained a smooth, vibrant and seemingly ageless complexion without the use of cosmetic surgery (including minimally invasive procedures).  Now, she wants to share her secret with the world: that healthy skin emanates from the inside out. Thus, Paris decided to found a skincare line that utilizes groundbreaking super-ingredients like GenoMatrix to alleviate DNA damage from factors like UV rays, pollutants, and collagen loss for an age-defying complexion!

I was chosen to try out the ProD.N.A.™ Face & Décolletage Cream & I love how the airtight activator dispenses just the amount I need to give my face this luxurious quick-absorbing treatment that invigorates my skin from the inside out! Just press on it and the cream dispenses on top.  The cream makes my face feel so soft!


I’m super impressed with the groundbreaking super-ingredients like GenoMatrix, Blue Lotus Flower Extract and Kakadu Plum that alleviate DNA damage from factors like UV rays, pollutants, and collagen loss for an age-defying complexion!

GenoMatrix™ diminishes the appearance of an aging complexion while hydrating skin and blocking it from free radical deterioration.

Powerful enzymes and Marine Collagen improve firmness and restore elasticity in dull skin.

Kakadu Plum reduces hyperpigmentation and alleviates UV damage.

Hyaluronic acid offers continuous moisture, leaving skin feeling hydrated and supple.

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