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Mon, Oct 1

💪 Even if you haven’t felt strong lately, Maritza, you’re powerful. To prove it, tap your *sisu* in the face of a tough moment today.

How the Finnish Concept of ‘Sisu’ Can Help You Through Tough Times

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In Finland, “sisu” is a way of life. Roughly translated, it means having a “courageous mindset that embraces challenges, small & big.” It’s your inner strength.

How do I do it?

Today, turn to your *sisu* if things get tough. A stressful meeting, difficult convo, even a coffee spill—recognize it’s challenging, but trust you have the power to endure.

One more thing! 😉️

Trust your *sisu* is always within reach, Maritza.

P.s. Why the Japanese concept of *shikata ga nai* is also 💯

Shikata Ga Nai Is the Japanese Art of Letting Go—and It’s Glorious

How are you feeling, Maritza?


Amazing. Hope you keep up the good vibes today, Maritza!

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…feel the same way you do.




Have a great day, Maritza!

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