My 11th Anniversary Gift This year

When the weather starts getting cooler outside, I start thinking about gift giving. The fall and winter has always been a season of gift giving for me and my family, due to many of us having birthdays in September and December. Not only that, but plenty of holidays fall within this time frame as well. There is Sweetest Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more. In fact, one of my sisters has her birthday on Christmas.

As I get older, I realize gift giving can become a little harder as my siblings become more mature. Everyone now has their own families and lives. Gift giving becomes something that increasingly becomes more thought provoking and personal. When we were younger, we would just give each other gift cards or something that maybe wasn’t really very meaningful but useful. Now, I like to do something that shows my appreciation but is something unique that they can always look to and remember that it was a gift that I got for them.

How many times have you opened a gift from somebody and the next time you saw it, you couldn’t remember who gave it to you? I don’t want my gifts to be like that.

This just so happens to be my 11th anniversary year and I wanted something special. Forever Anniversary was the first place I looked, based on online reviews. Did you know that steel is the traditional 11thΒ anniversary gift? I had no idea.

The Custom Steel Sound Wave Necklace caught my eye. I had never seen anything like it. This was such an amazing idea. I was able to customize it to whatever I wanted the sound wave to be. I had the option of using my own voice to turn into a sound wave. Doing that, I could record a meaningful message and then send them the sound file to create a sound wave to engrave into the necklace. I also had the option of telling them which portion of a song I wanted to use for the sound wave. Thirdly, I could just tell them which words I wanted to use and they could turn into a sound wave. I chose this last option and decided on using my nickname BeautyEcologist.

I’m so happy with the end result. This is definitely a one of a kind creation that no one else has. It’s truly meaningful and I will treasure it forever. The quality of the necklace impressive.

If you are looking for a unique gift for any occasion, I highly recommend you checked Forever Anniversary out. If you want to create your own sound wave necklace go ahead and click here.

*Disclaimer: I was gifted this necklace for free in exchange for my honest opinion and review.

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