I’ll Soon be a published author!

Are you looking to take your beauty, skincare & wellness to the next level? Stay tuned for the launch of my first book “I am Beauty Watch me Soar! Beauty, Skincare & Wellness 2020 Annual Planner”

This 170-page planner will help skincare & beauty enthusiasts to get organized, gain clarity & perfect their wellness routines by providing comprehensive planning sheets & exercises!

It can help you get out of your beauty, skincare and/or wellness rut that isn’t helping you reach your goals.

Inside you’ll find:

100 inspirational quotes
120 practical ways to boost your beauty, skincare & wellness routines
A 30-day Beauty Challenge
A 30-day Skincare Challenge
A 30-day Fitness Challenge
A 30-day Journaling Challenge

These will help you:
– master essential lessons that will upgrade your habits
– gain a clear vision of how to achieve your goals
– stay organized
– learn how to take time for yourself
– learn routines you can stick with

So that you may:
– enable clearer, younger-looking skin
– feel healthier than ever
– gain confidence
– make yourself a priority
– look your best

Stay tuned for the official launch where I will announce specials, gifts-with-purchase, giveaways, an EXCLUSIVE Facebook community and more!

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I’m looking forward to recommendations, sponsorships, and collaborations. Examples are:
speaking engagements (I specialize in beauty, skincare, and wellness)

sponsorship opportunities could include a venue or supplies for a book signing

I can feature your brand as part of one of the journal, skincare, beauty or wellness challenges.

Advertising, press, interviews, etc.

Thanks again!

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