My First Book is Now Available for Purchase!

You can purchase my book now!
There is now a PDF download version available for half price!
You can download my Beauty Routine Tracker for FREE, NO PURCHASE NECESSARY!

Are you looking to take your beauty, skincare & wellness to the next level? Now you can pre-order my first book “I am Beauty Watch me Soar! Beauty, Skincare & Wellness 2020 Annual Planner”

dr maritza baez i am beauty watch me soar!  skincare, beauty & wellness 2020 Annual Planner

This 170-page planner will help skincare & beauty enthusiasts to get organized, gain clarity & perfect their wellness routines by providing comprehensive planning sheets & exercises!

It can help you get out of your beauty, skincare and/or wellness rut that isn’t helping you reach your goals.

Inside you’ll find:
100 inspirational quotes

120 practical ways to boost your beauty, skincare & wellness routines

A 30-day Beauty Challenge

A 30-day Skincare Challenge

A 30-day Fitness Challenge

A 30-day Journaling Challenge

2020 Goals & Yearly Planner

Quarterly Goals Trackers

Quarterly Challenges

Quarterly Workout Planners

Monthly Planners

Monthly Self Care Planners

Monthly Self Love Affirmations

Monthly Notes

Weekly Planners

Weekly Beauty Rituals Trackers

These will help you:

– master essential lessons that will upgrade your habits

– gain a clear vision of how to achieve your goals

– stay organized

– learn how to take time for yourself

– learn routines you can stick with

So that you may:

– enable clearer, younger-looking skin

– feel healthier than ever

– gain confidence

– make yourself a priority

– look your best

Go to to purchase or to grab your FREE Beauty Routine Tracker!!

I also have a PDF Download version of my book for half price!

Get organized and never miss a step of your beauty, skincare and wellness routine. Keeping a record will help you note changes and get an understanding of what works best for you.

Also Available on Amazon!

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Are you having a hard time defining your skin type? Then you’ll want this!

This report discusses general skin health and care and gives guidance on caring for each of the skin types. You’ll learn how to recognize your skin type and how to care for it, to help your skin be the very best it can be!

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