I heard you.  You want more.   I’m ready to give you more.  Are you ready for a FREEBIE OVERLOAD?

The I Am Beauty Watch Me Soar! Beauty, Skincare, and Wellness 2020 Annual Planner will help you to get organized, gain clarity and perfect your beauty, skincare, and wellness routines by providing comprehensive planning sheets and exercises. 

When you purchase the hard copy of my Planner, you’ll get $175 worth of freebies!

Inside You’ll Find:

❤️2020 Goals & Yearly Planner
❤️ Quarterly Goals Trackers
❤️ Quarterly Challenges
❤️ Quarterly Workout Planners
❤️ Monthly Planners
❤️ Monthly Self Care Planners
❤️ Monthly Self Love Affirmations
❤️ Monthly Notes
❤️ Weekly Planners
❤️ Weekly Beauty Rituals Trackers

Bonus #1: Gratitude & Empowerment Mini-Course $127 Value!

This course contains:

125-page Gratitude Workbook
12-minute video to go along with the Workbook 
3 segment Empowerment audio guide with transcripts
12-page Goal Setting workbook

Bonus #2: How a Daily Planner Can Change Your Life eBook $24 Value!

38-page eBook, 7,984 words

Chapter 1 – Basics of Using a Daily Planner
Chapter 2 – How a Planner Can Change Your Life
Chapter 3 – Quick Guide to Choosing the Perfect Planner
Chapter 4 – Types of Planner Pages and Layouts
Chapter 5 – Setting Up Your Planner
Chapter 6 – Creating a Daily Planner Routine
Chapter 7 – How to Become More Organized with a Planner
Chapter 8 – Create Positive Habits with Your Planner
Chapter 9 – Become a Healthier You with the Planner
Chapter 10 – Use Your Planner for Increased Productivity
Chapter 11 – How to Find Planner Inspiration
Chapter 12 – More Tips for Using Your Planner Effectively

Bonus #3: DIY Skincare Recipes eBook $24 Value!

18 pages packed with:

3 recipes for natural cleansers for radiant skin
1 recipe for a natural exfoliator
4 recipes for toners
2 recipes for moisturizers
4 recipes for facial masks

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Join the Exclusive Facebook Group full of like-minded beings who are courageously stepping up and challenging themselves to stay focused and consistent, and to create new skincare, beauty and wellness rituals. Get EXCLUSIVE tips, resources, and guidance from me to get you through your Quarterly Challenges!

Maybe you want the PDF Version Instead for only $11.99? Then you’ll get $97 worth of FREEBIES!

Bonus #1: The Goal Guide eBook & AudioBook ($49 Value)

Here, in this book, we will be considering the importance of setting goals and the benefits you can gain from it. We will also be discussing the ten tips that can help you to create achievable goals.

Bonus #2:  3 Day Cleanse Guide ($24 Value)

5-day e-course (email signup required)
3-day self-check-in journal
3-day detox meal plan with recipes & nutritional information

Bonus #3:  Quick Start Guide to Setting Up Your Planner ($24 Value)

Includes: Why everyone should use a planner
Tips for choosing the right planner
Tips for setting up your planner
Ideas for what to track in your planner
Benefits of color coding in your planner
How to set and stick to your goals with your planner

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You can download my Beauty Ritual Tracker for FREE, NO PURCHASE NECESSARY!

Dr Maritza Baez 2020 planner
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Are you having a hard time defining your skin type? Then you’ll want this!

This report discusses general skin health and care and gives guidance on caring for each of the skin types. You’ll learn how to recognize your skin type and how to care for it, to help your skin be the very best it can be!

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