Express Gratitude In 5 Simple Ways

If you want to be a positive person, sometimes you just have to appreciate the good that is already present in your life. This can be achieved through the expression of gratitude. Here are some different ways you can express gratitude every day.

  1. become an active listener
    If you want to be more grateful for others and show your gratitude, be an active listener. This means that you not only hear what someone is saying, but really register what they are saying to you. Do not use your phone when someone is talking to you. Look them in the eye and take in what they say to you. This is active listening and shows the other person that you are interested in what they have to say.
  2. thank them in your journal
    One way that many people like to show their gratitude is to write it in their diary. You can do this every day by writing down at least one thing you are grateful for every day. Some days will repeat, which is fine! Other days there will be a certain situation that you will appreciate. It’s okay to just be thankful that you woke up and are healthy, that you have a job or something as simple as eating one of your favorite things.
  3. always thank the people who have helped you.
    Remember to tell people when you are thankful for them. Whether they have done something to help you, complimented you, or simply been there for you, this is a good reason to show your appreciation. A simple thank you is enough, but if someone goes beyond that, really tell them how much you appreciate them and that you are very grateful to have them in your life. This small gesture means so much to the person who receives the gratitude.
  4. create a vessel of gratitude
    If you don’t want to write down all the reasons why you are grateful in your journal, try to create a gratitude jar. You can use small pieces of paper to write down one thing you are grateful for every day, fold them up and put them in the glass. This is a fun activity that you can also do with your family and it helps everyone to be more grateful. It is also a great gift for others, where you can personalize a blank jar for them and give them paper and pens for the gratitude jar.
  5. help others voluntarily
    You can also express your gratitude through your actions. You do not always have to say out loud how much you appreciate someone and how they have improved your life, but instead show them how you help them. Volunteer to help them with a big project, help them when they are going through a difficult time, and invite them to spend time with you. When you make an effort to be there for other people, they can feel your gratitude.
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