How To Make an Emergency Preparedness Plan For Your Family

Let’s face it. Sooner or later your family will experience a natural disaster or similar emergency event where you will have to take action to stay safe and healthy. This will be much easier if you go in prepared and with a plan. Here are three basic questions that you should ask yourself to formulate an emergency preparedness plan for your family

Where will you go?

The first question you need to ask yourself is where you will go in an emergency. Will you stay at home and take shelter? Will you leave the city and evacuate? When you leave, where will you go and where will you stay?

These are important questions, and you don’t want to make these decisions in the middle of a disaster. These are stressful times, and it can be difficult to make smart decisions quickly in these situations. A large part of your emergency preparedness plan should be to think through possible scenarios and then get the information you need in advance. For example, find out what routes you can take to get out of the area, determine where you will be going if possible, and then get contact information for a hotel or the people you will be staying with.

How will you stay in contact?

There is nothing more terrible than not being able to contact your loved ones during a disaster or emergency. It is just as important to receive news and emergency warnings or announcements. Think about how you can do this on the road, at home or in emergency shelters.

It’s a good start to make sure that everyone has a mobile phone. Remember that these devices need to be charged. Chargers, including car chargers, are a must. An extra battery or emergency power supply is also very useful.
Use your device sparingly so that the battery lasts as long as possible. It is important to talk to your children about this before a disaster and remind them regularly.

Don’t rely solely on your phone for messages and communication. If you can’t get a good connection or there’s not enough power for your device, a backup plan is very useful. Designate a meeting place or person that everyone will contact if you can’t reach each other. Have a backup solution to find out what’s going on, like a weather radio.

What consumables do you need?

The better prepared you are, the safer and more comfortable you will feel when the inevitable happens. Depending on what natural disaster you are facing, where you live, who belongs to your family and simple things like the weather determine what supplies you need.

Start with the basic things you need to survive, such as food, water, shelter and medicines. Do not forget your pets. From then on, start thinking about the amenities for the animals, such as light, entertainment and the like. A headlamp and a good book can make waiting during a power outage much more pleasant. A cup of hot chocolate made with a camping stove, hot water and an instant cocoa mix will make waiting even more pleasant. If you are prepared, you will greatly increase your chances of surviving the emergency or disaster well.

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