The Five Supplies That Must Be Part Of Your Disaster Preparedness

No matter where you live, what your personal situation is or what kind of disaster you are facing, there are some basic supplies that everyone should have on hand “just in case”. Here are five things that you should always have in stock and keep in mind to make sure that you can make it through whatever lives you may face.


Let us start with the most important and urgent item on the list – water. Without food, electricity and all sorts of other things you can go without water for an amazingly long time. Without a reliable source of drinking water you can’t do it for very long.

We have become so dependent on our taps that it is easy to forget that whenever something happens, we should store water for a few days. One of the first things you should do when preparing for an impending emergency is to store some water. Buy a few bottles or gallons at the store or refill the containers at home. Have a water filter or a little Clorox ready to keep the water drinkable for longer.

Non-perishable, ready-to-eat food

While people can go surprisingly long without food, involuntary fasting is not particularly pleasant. Always keep a few foods in your pantry, including peanut butter, crackers, protein bars and canned foods that you can eat without heating. It helps to stick to things that you eat regularly so that you can rotate in that grocery store and not risk it going bad.

Also, start stocking up when the time of year approaches when natural disasters can occur. Remember to take some of these emergency supplies with you when you need to evacuate. You cannot always rely on others to provide you with food, and shops and restaurants along the way may be closed.

Weather radio

The next important item that makes it onto the list is a small battery-powered weather radio. Also keep a set of spare batteries with it. This is important because you need the latest weather and government data and news. Do not rely on your phone and the Internet as your only source of information. The network could fail or become overloaded. This is an important backup.

Flash and batteries

It always looks worse in the dark, doesn’t it? And not only that. It can be downright dangerous to move around outside or even inside without a reliable light source. Candles work in emergencies, but they also carry the risk of setting fire to the surroundings. Instead, make sure your equipment includes several flashlights and spare batteries. Headlamps are especially helpful when you are trying to move around to get things done.

First Aid Kit

Last but not least we should talk about a first aid kit. The size of your first aid kit depends on the size of your family. Start with a standard kit that is available at your local store, and then add all the medicines that you and your family take and need. Check this box and the rest of your disaster supplies regularly to make sure you are prepared when you need to pick up your supplies and leave quickly.

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