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Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved fairies. My mom used to have this old faeries book in hardcover, and for some reason, we weren’t supposed to mess with it. It was filled with sketches of different types of faeries, both good and bad (like the kinds that would eat children, lol!) I’d sneak that book off to my room when I could, pouring over the pages, fascinated by the fae. I used to build fairy houses out of my Barbie accessories. And to this day, I love woodland miniature things, imagining the fairies coming out at night and enjoying the little treasures I’ve created for them in my garden. 

So, it makes perfect sense that I would create a Herbal Fairies Coloring Designs package, combining my love of herbs with my love of fairies! It’s fun and pretty, and a great diversion right now!
Check it out! Only $3.99


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April 2020 Printable Coloring Pages & Journal Planner Pages
This is a pack of 32  printable PDF coloring book pages of elegant designs
Coloring page size: 8.5×11″
File Format: PDF
illustrations with quotes/words
illustrations without words
My Daily Planner
April Menu
April Month at a Glance
I’m Grateful For page
Weekly Planner

Get yours here

Printable Adult Coloring Book Pages & March Calendar Planner PDF Bundle
This is a pack of 35  printable PDF adult coloring book pages of elegant designs

10 mandalas
5 patterns
10 illustrations with quotes/words
5 illustrations without words
My Daily Planner
March Menu
March Month at a Glance
I’m Grateful For page
Weekly Planner
Get yours here

Beautiful Budget Printable Coloring Journal
This 28-page printable budget journal will help you stay on track with your finances!  The designs are fun to color in as well!

Get yours here

Emergency Prep Printable Coloring Journal
       22 pages
       52-Week Food Storage Plan
       72-Hour Emergency Kit
       Emergency Car Kit
       Emergency Contacts
       Utility Contacts
       Emergency Info
       First Aid Kit Checklist
       Family Emergency Plan
       Go-Bag Checklist
Get yours here 

Printable Pantry Supply Journal
This Bundle Includes: 
Freezer Inventory: Beef; Pork
Freezer Inventory: Poultry; Fish
Freezer Inventory: Fruits; Veggies
Freezer Inventory: Breakfast Items; Desserts
Freezer Inventory: Blank
Fridge Inventory: Meats/Fish/Seafood; Condiments
Fridge Inventory: Fruits/Veggies; Beverages
Fridge Inventory: Blank
Household Inventory: Cleaners; Paper Goods
Household Inventory: Office Supplies; Toiletries
Household Inventory: Blank
Pantry Inventory: Herbs & Spices; Staples
Pantry Inventory: Fruits/Veggies; Canned Goods
Pantry Inventory: Pasta; Snacks
Pantry Inventory: Beverages
Pantry Inventory: Coffee/Tea; Boxed Items
Pantry Inventory: Blank 
Get yours here 

Home Organization Printable Coloring Journal Bundle
This home organization printable journal bundle includes 68 pages:
The 17-page Pantry Supply Journal that you can color
The 28-page printable budget journal will help you stay on track with your finances! 
The 22-page Emergency Prep Journal which has some incredibly useful black and white pages
Get yours here 

Keep Track to Reach Your Goals

My gift to you! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY! Get organized and never miss a step of your beauty, skincare and wellness routine! Keeping a record will help you note changes and get an understanding of what works best for you!

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Ready to reach your goals? 

My 170-page planner will help you to get organized, gain clarity and perfect your wellness routines while allowing you to plan out how to reach any goal you set your intention toward.

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