5 Tips for Working From Home When You Have Kids

If you have to work with the children from home, it will certainly be a challenge! Every parent knows that sometimes it is almost impossible to achieve anything with their children. However, there are some great tips that you can follow to make working with the kids from home much easier. It’s all about finding the right balance. Here are some of the best ways you can work effectively from home, even when the children are at home.

Plan engaging activities

If you have to continue with an important project, it can help to engage the children in a committed activity. Handicraft projects are usually a popular option. They are fun for the children, and it takes a while to complete.
You can find hundreds of craft project ideas online. Try to find something where you can draw on existing materials. Then the kids can continue with their craft work while you complete your important tasks.

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Create a routine early on

Working from home and having the children at home all day is a new experience for you and the children. Therefore it will help if you create a routine as early as possible. The children thrive on a routine, so make sure you have all the waking, eating and sleeping times set. Try to plan time that you can spend together during breaks. This way they still get your personal attention and reduce the likelihood of them bothering you if you have to continue working.

Take advantage of nap times

If your children are still quite young, you should take advantage of the nap times. This is the perfect opportunity for you to do most of your work without having to look after the children.

Make sure you have a quiet place to work.

One thing you will need when you work with the children from home is a quiet workplace. It should be away from distractions, and ideally you should not be disturbed when you are there. This can be difficult, of course, but if you explain to the children that you must not be disturbed and why it is important, you will find that they are usually willing to listen.

Using technology

In normal times, people try to limit their child’s exposure to technology. However, if you try to work from home, you will find that technology can be a real help. If you don’t want to be disturbed, let your child watch a movie or play on a smartphone or tablet PC. This keeps them busy longer, and you can take over the conference call, for example.

It’s not easy to work with the kids from home, but it’s not impossible either. Follow the tips above to make it a little easier in these difficult times.

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