Awesome Affirmations Daily Gratitude 20 Printable Coloring Pages

When you hear the word affirmations what does it do for you? Do you kind of roll your eyes and think ‘those things don’t work, they’re a little airy-fairy for me!’ Or do you get excited and think ‘oooh I love me some good affirmations!’

Regardless of which category you fall into when it comes to affirmations, we can all agree on the fact that we talk to ourselves, right? And those things that we’re constantly repeating to ourselves, whether negative or positive, influence what happens around us.

And I bet if you start paying attention to that self-talk, you’ll notice it’s probably a lot more negative than you realized! So, I encourage you to start retraining that self-talk to focus on more positive things.

And that’s where this awesome package of coloring pages comes into the picture. I’ve put together this package to help us all focus on daily gratitude…while having some coloring fun too!

You’ll find positive sayings like:
·      My soul continuously rejoices as I engage in gratitude
·      I experience gratitude for everything I have in my life
·      My daily attitude is one of gratitude
·      I am grateful for my loving relationships
·      I am grateful for who I am and what I have
·      The more I give thanks, the more things I have to be grateful for
·      … and many more!

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This package is a fun and easy way to start retraining your self-talk to focus on the positive and to have daily gratitude.

This Bundle Includes The Following Beautifully Illustrated Affirmations:
My Soul Continuously Rejoices As I Engage In Gratitude

I Am A Magnet For All Good And I Am Grateful For It
I Am Learning To Be Grateful Each Day
I Am Thankful For the Abundance I Have In My Life
I Experience Gratitude For Everything I Have In My Life
I Always Receive Exactly What I Ask For And Am Appreciative Of It
My Daily Attitude Is One Of Gratitude
I Am Grateful For My Excellent Health
My Gratitude And Appreciation Attracts Abundance Of Every Kind
I Am Grateful For My Abundant Prosperity
All Challenges Are An Opportunity For Growth And I Am Grateful For The Chance To Evolve
I Am Grateful For My Loving Relationships
Every Morning I Wake Up Grateful
My Life Is Filled With An Abundance Of Goodness
I Appreciate Everything I Have In My Life And Always Keep The Door Open For More Blessings
I Am So Grateful For The Love And Support Of My Friends
Every Person That Touches My Life Enriches It. I Am Grateful For Them.
I Am Grateful For Who I Am And What I Have
The More I Give Thanks, The More Things I Have To Be Grateful For
I Am Truly Blessed

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