How To Use Your Voice To Make A Difference

There are so many ways to approach others and be friendly. We have discussed about doing this in a big way and with the simplest means. Today I want to explore some of the ways you can use your voice to change the lives of the people around you. We have all preferred methods of communication. If you use your preferred method, performing random friendly actions can be less stressful or intimidating. Read on to find out what I mean.

Verbal methods

Some of us are good at conveying meaning with our actual voice. Speaking is the way we prefer to communicate. If that sounds like you, try to capitalize on that fact. Tell someone they’re doing a great job. Call your loved ones to let them know you’re thinking about them. Visit your neighbor to make sure he’s okay. Those who are sociable and like to talk have many opportunities to engage in random acts of kindness.

Written options

Others may feel intimidated if they talk to people in a way that makes them feel vulnerable. They may deal with social anxiety or be naturally introverted. If this is the case, there are still many ways to show others that you care about them and make their day more enjoyable. Perhaps you are a good written communicator. If that is the case, send an e-mail to a colleague as a thank you. Write a short note on a Post-it to surprise your child. Submit a colleague’s review on LinkedIn or leave a nice blog comment for your favorite online personality. These are all great.

Artistic expression

You don’t actually have to use your voice if you want to be more creative in your good deeds. You can voluntarily paint a mural for your neighborhood. You might enjoy teaching an art class at the local community center or volunteering to paint with the residents of a nursing home. Using your creative gifts is also a fantastic way to make your voice heard in a meaningful way for others.

Body Language

Finally, another example of a way to convey good will is the subtle art of body language. A smile, a hug or simply the presence can make a big difference in a person’s life. It is okay to tell someone who is going through a difficult time that you would like to be there for them, even if you don’t have the words or the know-how to make their life better. Being close physically is a great comfort for many. This could be something that makes you feel comfortable. We can all at least give someone a smile or an encouraging nod.

Think about these ways to give something back through your words or other forms of language. There are really no limits to the ways in which we can all perform random acts of kindness.

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