Luscious Lips with Rodan & Fields Redefine Lip Renewing Serum

Your lips are one of the first things people notice about you.  Even without knowing it, most people look at the other person’s mouth while in conversation.  For this and many other reasons, you want to make sure your pout is healthy and attractive.

Did you realize that your lips don’t have sweat glands?  You probably never thought about it, but sweat glands also help keep the skin moisturized, so the lack of sweat gland on the lips means that lips tend to dry out faster than other parts of the body.

Also, the skin on the lips is thinner than the skin elsewhere on the body, consisting of three to five cellular layers instead of up to 16. Thinner skin means it’s easier to become dry and cracked (saliva actually dries them out over time!). Another fact that people forget is that your lips do not have melanin, so they can become sunburned very easily (which is a risk factor for skin cancer).

I’m going to share with you my secret to keeping my lips looking luscious.



These powerful little capsules are full of some of mother nature’s best key ingredients:
Vitamin E: conditions, revitalizes and calms lips
Peptides: minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Shea Butter: layers on moisture

Rich in antioxidants, each gel-filled capsule visibly smooths lips + reduces the appearance of wrinkles while helping retain natural moisture!

Each evening, I just twist off the tail of the capsule and apply the serum directly to my lips. I simply LOVE that it’s not sticky and gives a refreshing cooling sensation!

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*Disclaimer: I received these products free for testing purposes. These opinions are my own.

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