Get Your Bucket List Printable Coloring Planner

This Bucket List Coloring Planner is made up of 35 adorable list-style pages, designed to be a fun way to daydream about all the things you want to do before you, err, “kick the bucket”.

Get yours here:

As we’ve all experienced world-wide stay-at-home orders that are slowly lifting, right now is the perfect time to get clear about what we actually want in life, and set the intentions down on paper so that they can begin to manifest around us!

Pages include:
Movies I Want to See
Places I Want To Go
Stuff I Want To Own
Records I Want to Break
Books I Want To Read
Classes I Want to Take
Skills I Want To Learn
Things I Want to Do
Food I Want To Eat
Recipes I Want To Try
People I Want To Meet
Connections I Want To Make
TV Shows I Want To Binge
Concerts I Want To Hear
Sights I Want To See
Parks I Want To Visit
Restaurants I Want To Eat At
Cultural Events I Want To Experience
What I Want To Do In Spring
What I Want To Do In Summer
What I Want To Do In Autumn
What I Want To Do In Winter
Projects I Want To Complete
Adventures I Want To Have
Dreams I Want to Fulfill
Places I’d Like To Volunteer
Charities I Want To Help
Lucky Things I Want To Happen To Me
Spirituality I Want To Explore
50 States Checklist
7 Continents Checklist
My Official Top 100 Bucket List – #1-25
My Official Top 100 Bucket List – #26-50
My Official Top 100 Bucket List – #51-75
My Official Top 100 Bucket List – #76-100

All files in PDF

Relax while you color in the intricate details of these illustrations and show them off along with the rest of your coloring pages when you’re done! They can be printed and colored by hand or with software programs like Photoshop or Affinity.

Downloaded images do not have watermarks.

Please share your finished coloring page with your review! I love to see them! I hope that you enjoy coloring this as much as I enjoyed creating it.
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